Off-Third: Hamilton Canceled After Discovery of Secret Twitter Account

After a student found Hamilton’s burner account and hundreds of controversial tweets, the NYU community has deemed him canceled.


Andy Hamilton’s secret twitter account has been exposed. (via Twitter @HawkLuver52)

Abby Hofstetter, Opinion Editor

Off-Third is WSN’s satire section.

NYU President Andrew Hamilton has been canceled by a coalition of 63 clubs after a student gained access to his burner Twitter account on Wednesday and found over 400 problematic tweets.

Hamilton’s account, @HawkLuver52, was discovered by CAS junior Leo Murphy during research for an investigative journalism class. Hamilton confirmed to WSN that the account is his, despite its alias, “Drew Notlimah.”

“The account wasn’t very hard to find, considering it’s just Hamilton’s name spelled backward,” Murphy told WSN. “I just don’t think that anyone was looking for it.”

The controversial tweets — most of which have since been deleted — consist mainly of anti-student and pro-hawk sentiments. Examples include “i am being harassed by poor ppl,” “f-ckin students called me a shill again today” and “im just tryna wife up a hawk lol (im kidding).”

A petition calling to cancel Hamilton began circulating Thursday and has since gathered upwards of 14,000 signatures. The petition argues that Hamilton’s tweets are “inappropriate, irresponsible and rude,” and the only acceptable measure for the university to take is to “cancel his a–.” Signatories include 63 clubs, over 300 professors and the president of PETA. 

“As you can imagine, I’m quite embarrassed,” Hamilton told WSN. “I never meant for anybody to find this account, and I certainly never meant for students to know of my immense love for hawks.” When asked about his rants against students, Hamilton declined to comment.

Hamilton has interacted with other accounts in the past, but these interactions have largely gone unnoticed. On one occasion, he replied to a tweet by @nyumfsbt, which compared him to an egg, saying “actually president hamilton has a normal head ur just jealous that hes rich and ur not.” Another time, he responded to a tweet by the Wall Street Journal, saying “wow! i just read this article. whoever wrote it is a genius! #cool.” The article in question was an op-ed written by Hamilton himself.

Despite being canceled, Hamilton does not plan on resigning.

“I have a duty to serve my students,” Hamilton said. “That duty doesn’t end just because of some silly tweets.”

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