Opinion: You should make a move on your class crush

What’s the worst that could happen?


Aaliya Luthra

Shoot your shot. (Illustration by Aaliya Luthra)

Ruby Griffin, Contributing Writer

It’s the first day of class, I walk into the room and scan for the person that I will obsess over, but never speak to, for the next 14 weeks: my class crush. We all have them — don’t lie. Given how excruciatingly long classes are, we need the chance to indulge in zoning out and staring longingly at the mysterious charmer across the lecture hall. Once the semester is over though, they disappear into the NYU population, never to be seen again. I always regret not making a move. I mean … what do I have to lose? 

This should be the year we pursue our class crushes. If we all make a pinky promise to actually talk to the potential lovers that we’ve been eyeing in class, the dating scene at NYU will be way more exciting and active. Even if you don’t get romantically involved with them, you might find a new study buddy or even a best friend. Who knows — maybe it will work out in your favor and you’ll end up scoring a hot Sternie who will help pay off your student debt.

Why sit around and wonder what could have been when you could just make your move? The worst possible outcome is that they’ll rip your heart out and stomp on it — but you’ll probably never see them again, so who cares? We all need some character development anyway. Even more unsettling than rejection is the soul-shattering regret of not flirting it up in your 8 a.m. “Writing the Essay” class just because you were scared.

And no, manifesting with your rose quartz crystals in the comfort of your dorm does not count as making a move. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm believer that manifestation does actually work, but I also think 2023 is the year we enter our reality eras. It’s Valentine’s Day season — love is in the air, and it’s time to be bold. Maybe this year you won’t end up crying alone watching romcoms, eating a carton of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Instead you’ll be on a classy Downstein date with your class crush. After, you could go on a New York City adventure or overthrow Bobst Library together — the possibilities are endless.

In order to make this fantasy become a reality though, you do have to engage with them in class. In a digital world of swiping right or left behind a screen, showing interest in the people we like in person is a daunting but refreshing change of pace. You could start small and ask to borrow a pencil, or just say “hello” to them at the start of class. You could even use this article as an icebreaker. 

“Did you hear about the crazy love-obsessed stalker girl that wrote that class crush article for WSN?”

If you want to try a riskier move, you could even pull out a pick up line — everybody loves a cheesy one-liner. My personal favorite is, “Do you like raisins? … How about a date?” Use that one to charm your class crush, and there is no possible way anyone will reject you. How could they? If they do, they’re not worth your time anyway. 

Rejection is scary. What’s even scarier is never stepping out of your comfort zone because you’re too scared to try. I’ve seen too many of my friends pine over someone in their class for months but do nothing about it. They’re still single and have to carry the burden of their regret for the rest of their lives, devoid of romance — at least until the next semester when the class crush cycle starts all over again. It’s a new year and a new semester. Now is the time to make 2023 your bitch and make a move.

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