Staff Rants: NYU stereotypes

From Tisch film bros to trust fund babies, our staff has a lot to say about NYU stereotypes and their purveyors.

On nepotism

Tisch: A school half-comprised of pure talent and half-comprised of nepotism and too much daddy’s money.

Srishti Bungle — Deputy Opinion Editor

On making New York City your personality

NYU students love making New York City their personality while only going out in Manhattan (honorable mention: Williamsburg). But maybe it’s for the best none of the boroughs want us here anyway.

Michelle Han — Deputy Opinion Editor

On Tisch film bros

People assume that just because I’m in Film & TV, I must be insufferable and terrible to date. I can assure you — I am insufferable and terrible to date but it has NOTHING to do with me being in Tisch.

Jake Capriotti — Photo Editor

On Sternies

They really are snakes in business suits!

Asha Ramachandran — Opinion Editor

On being an NYU stereotype

It’s all fun and games making fun of NYU student stereotypes, until you find yourself using words like “dichotomy” on the subway and listening to Bjork with film bros in a sixth-floor East Village walkup. NYU culture is inescapable. Sometimes, you just have to surrender.

Ashley Wu — Editor-in-Chief

On a five borough city

Just because you go to NYU doesn’t mean that you have to stay exclusively in Manhattan for all four years! Can confirm: Going to Brooklyn will not kill you.

Kevin Kurian — Opinion Editor

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