Staff Rants: Met Gala 2021

Here are our thoughts on the Met Gala from this past weekend. Enjoy!

On boring outfits

I did research, but unfortunately there was no American fashion backstory behind the plain mini black-and-white dress for the Met. Rosé pulled up in a Saint Laurent ready-to-wear dress with YSL creative director Anthony Vaccarello’s arm around her waist as one big “fuck you” to the entire Met Gala theme — that, I’m not mad about. But the outfit was less interesting than a recycled TikTok getup. It was boring for a regular red carpet. Every single Rosé outfit ate THIS DRESS UP! I don’t know what they were going for, but I know this was NOT it. – Joey Hung, Beauty & Style Editor


On the Illuminati and unfair fast food practices

If there is an Illuminati out there, they were definitely at the Met last night. The biggest names in every business — film, fashion and improvisational Irish dance — all turned out for this glorious gilded distraction from the fact that fast-food restaurants often add extra ice to your beverages to avoid giving you your money’s worth of soda. Next time, remember to ask them to put the ice in an extra cup and to fill your drink all the way up to the brim. – Max Tiefer, Copy Chief


On weapons and confusion

Still confused as to why Grimes brought a sword to the Met Gala. Where did she even get it? – Kevin Kurian, Opinion Editor


On Shrek children

Frank Ocean’s Prada black suede suit and white T-shirt were safe and bland. His accessory though? Terrifying. Ocean sparked some “Annette”-level fear with a slime green baby. The grill and onesie-sporting Shrek child felt like a baffling attempt at a notable outfit. If his venture was meant to comment on children as accessories in American culture, a la Emily Ratajkowski, his goal was lost with mini Elphaba and its Mona Lisa eyes. – Ana Cubas, Arts Editor


On The Baddest Female

I’m taking CL’s look as a personal affront. This absolute icon pulled up in a denim bathrobe, a diaper and plastic slides. It’s Cinderella, but ran through a paper shredder. The hair and hanbok-style tie are cool but the flesh-colored nails? America, explain. I’ve got no idea what American Lexicon means, but the lack of culture is more American than anyone could have expected. Remember her 2018 Olympics closing ceremony outfit? Her full red latex tour outfit and that stage with G-Dragon? Hell, a good majority of her music video outfits would have been more powerful. Alexander Wang’s long list of credible sexual assault accusations may not have (rightfully) stopped his success, but this look does not have the sauce and was not “Spicy” at all. – Alexandra Chan, Managing Editor


On underrated fashion icons

We could spend all day talking about the timeless beauty of Billie Eilish, Yara Shahidi or even the confusion surrounding Kim Kardashian’s outfit. But as a former athlete, I wish some of our Olympians got some attention. Olympic gold medalist Allyson Felix strutted down the runway looking like an elegant snow queen and Simone Biles stole the show. – Gabby Lozano, Dining Editor  


On Balenciaga

While the belated 2021 Met Gala theme was, “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion,” the Georgian (country, not state) designer, Demna Gvasalia, took center stage with the night’s most memorable looks. Balenciaga brought Rihanna, Elliot Page, Tracee Ellis Ross, Michaela Coel, Isabelle Huppert, and, of course, Kim Kardashian. They each took up different figures from Demna’s recent Balenciaga collections, ranging from couture duvet to sequined catsuit to Kim and Demna’s matching anonymous looks. While Demna might not have grown up in the world that birthed this year’s exhibition, he brought his European sensibilities — and the spirit of Cristóbal Balenciaga — to American royalty, reminding a global audience that there is much more to Demna than $1500 hoodies. – Julian Hammond Santander, Exposures Editor

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