Staff Rants: The Oscars

This week, we’re here to voice our opinion on this year’s Oscars.

On Viewership

Who the f-ck saw live-action Pinocchio? –Alexandra Chan, Multimedia Editor


On Important Progress

The Oscars format this year was bizarre. The Best Director category is traditionally presented later in the night. However, halfway through the night, Chloe Zhao was already giving a speech after her historic win in the Best Director category. Immediately after she won, all of my white friends started texting me some iteration of “Congrats on this major win for your kind,” directly mirroring WSN’s film editor JP Pak’s experience after “Parasite” won last year. I felt an immense surge of pride watching her walk onstage in her long plaited braids and belted gown. As an Asian female filmmaker, it was the first sign of affirmation that my voice had even a slim chance to be heard at an awards show that notoriously excludes people of color. – Ashley Wu, Deputy Managing Editor


On Disrespectful Production

Unintentional or not, the producers of the Oscars treated the legacy and family of Chadwick Boseman with a great deal of disrespect. Rearranging the order of the ceremony assuming that he would win best actor so you can close out the night is incredibly distasteful and I’m sure disheartening to his fans, his family and his widow. Also, including a non-fungible token of Chadwick as part of the Oscars gift bag is super weird and disrespectful. Shame on the Academy; Chadwick deserves better. –Jake Capriotti, Photo Editor


On Inconsiderate NFTs

I did not watch the Oscars but followed along with everything on Twitter. They made an NFT of Chadwick Boseman — still trying to figure out what that is, but seems disrespectful. –Kevin Kurian, Opinion Editor

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