Staff rants: spring break

Here are our thoughts on the “spring break” this weekend. We hope you enjoy reading them!

On Asking the Real Questions
What’s spring break? Is that a thing we’re supposed to have? –Jake Capriotti, Photo Editor

On Gratitude
I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am about as burnt out with schoolwork as it gets. Fortunately, our favorite university has heard our cries and is here to help. One (1) whole day of break should be plenty. The guidelines for professors are more or less optional, so you might even get to keep doing assignments! It’s just a semester of burnout — how much of a break could you possibly need? –Alex Tey, Copy Chief

On Actual Breaks
I don’t even think we can call a day off spring break. Where’s the break? Where?! In all the emails, professors are “encouraged” not to assign work, but who are we kidding? I need more than just a day to binge-watch all four seasons of The Crown. One day isn’t enough — by the time I decide what I want to do on my day off, it’s 9:30 p.m., and I need to do my homework. Consider this, NYU: two weeks off for spring break next year to make up for this year? Please?  –Nicole Chiarella, Copy Chief

On Current Statuses
I am moping about how NYU only gave us two days of spring break!  –Kevin Kurian, Opinion Editor

On Dean Green
The dean of Tisch sent everyone an email urging us to use the three-day weekend for “soul restoration.” She then devoted several sentences to the benefits of rest and relaxation, although nowhere did she mention the fact that our breaks are usually longer than three days. The dean did, however, bring up gun violence and racial hatred. She did this in the same paragraph in which she brought up spring break, which is quite a tonal shift. I guess sending two emails was too much work. She then closed the paragraph with, “This violence is the antithesis of our core values as artist citizens,” which is all well and good until you realize that being against violence isn’t specifically an artist thing. I’d imagine most people are probably in that demographic. Anyway, it’s just an email. I shouldn’t be mad or even surprised — after all, this is the person who gave us a dancing video instead of a tuition reduction when the pandemic started. –Max Tiefer, Deputy Copy Chief

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