Staff Rants and Raves: October

Sometimes, October is less of a month and more of a vibe. Hear what our staff has to say about it.


On Getting Older

By Alexandria Johnson, Deputy News Editor

Even though October is my birth month, I don’t really look forward to it. I think it’s either because it reminds me that I have to age each year or because of the cold weather that ensues during the season. I hate the blistering winds and the fact that midterms are upon us despite it not feeling like the middle of the semester. I am not a fan of the spooky traditions that this month brings, because jump-scares terrify me every time I watch a horror film. The leaves falling off the trees look like a cute Pinterest background but, in reality, it’s a sign that the weather is getting worse. People have been getting sick left and right and the sniffles in my nose are the only way to breathe. The only thing I like about October is Halloween because of the times I used to trick or treat with my sister and eat so much candy that I should have gotten cavities. Now that I’m an adult, going to people’s houses for candy is creepy instead of cute, and finding a costume that isn’t of the “sexy” variety on a budget is impossible. I can’t even put sunglasses on to hide my lack of sleep because the sun is practically non-existent. Let me know when spring or summer comes back so that I can be happy again.


On Feeling Halloween-y

By Mandie Montes, Deputy Copy Chief

Ah yes, October, the beginning of tricks and no treats. Just kidding! You can eat unhealthy amounts of candy and pretend to be someone else for a night. But if you’re like me, you take advantage of these perks the entire month (possibly the entire year). October is also one month away from November, which is the real spooky month because it’s Scorpio season. I guess what I’m saying is keep your wits about you, and if you’re feeling sinister, enter the dark side…

On Being Fashion Forward

By Abby Hofstetter, Opinion Editor

I love fall weather. There’s not much else to it. I love thick sweaters, I love black tights tucked into boots and I love wool socks. I love turtlenecks and I love wearing jackets over them. My jacket collection is extensive, and because of this pesky climate change, I rarely get to wear them. But now it’s October, and not only can I wear my jackets, but I can wear my chunky cardigans with the sleeves that are juuuust a little too long, and all the black that I want. I don’t know; maybe I’m a Southern Christian influencer at heart and maybe that’s a bit of an issue, considering I’m a Jew from Long Island. But who cares? Bring on Warm Girl Autumn — I’m ready.

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