Trespasser uses fake NYU ID to access law school dorm

An internal Campus Safety notification informed staff of a man using a fraudulent ID to enter NYU buildings.


Kevin Wu

An unidentified man accessed an NYU Law building at least one time last month using a fraudulent NYU ID. (Kevin Wu for WSN)

Asher Fields, Contributing Writer

An unidentified individual used a fake NYU ID to access NYU Law’s Hayden Hall dorm last month. The Campus Safety department issued an internal warning about the man — who uses the alias Yuriy Brovdi — and is currently investigating the incident.

Hayden Hall only houses faculty and NYU Law students, and is not patrolled by Campus Safety, according to university spokesperson John Beckman. A doorman, who is stationed at the building’s entrance, checks NYU IDs instead. Beckman said that the ID used to access the building was fraudulent, but that a sticker on the card resembled one typically used to access NYU Law residences. 

“The doorman recognized the ID as fraudulent and took it; however, the individual nevertheless proceeded to enter the building,” Beckman told WSN. “That’s obviously problematic, and the doormen have been instructed that, going forward, if there’s a question about whether a person is authorized to enter, they are to prevent entry until any questions can be resolved.”

The man is a non-NYU affiliated individual in his late 20s to early 30s with a light complexion, and is around 5’7” and weighs approximately 185 pounds. A notice released to Campus Safety personnel identified Brovdi as a “persona non grata” — an unwelcome individual — to all university buildings. Beckman said that Campus Safety believes the individual has not gained access since his fraudulent ID was confiscated mid-November.

“So far, the efforts to identify the person have not been successful,” Beckman said. “We urge anyone who does recognize the person to come forward and aid the investigation.”

Beckman also said that Campus Safety was not called until a day or two after the incident occurred.  NYU Law is currently investigating communication practices between the school and the department.

A notice with title “PERSONA NON GRATA” issued by New York University’s Campus Safety Department, warning officers about a person who had used a fake N.Y.U I.D card.
NYU’s Campus Safety department issued a notice about an individual who had used a fraudulent student ID card.

Despite growing safety concerns about a lack of communication from university leadership in light of multiple recent trespassing incidents, the university did not alert students about the unknown individual. Four residence hall trespassing incidents occurred in November, including at Alumni Hall and Coral Tower. Another occurred in Third Avenue North, during which an individual entered the building and was not located during an eight-hour search. An intruder also bypassed security and jumped a turnstile to enter Lafayette Hall.

In April, a former student trespassed at Rubin Hall on at least three occasions, staying overnight in the building’s lounges and following female residents as they left the building. Fountain Walker, the head of Campus Safety, later said that the department’s response to the intruder fell short

In response to recent intrusions, university president Andrew Hamilton ordered a full-scale review of safety protocols and procedures at NYU dorms on Nov. 30. According to Walker, the review will evaluate when and where officers are deployed in residence halls, as well as the monitoring of potential distractions.

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