Top 3 day trips for NYU London students

If you’re studying at NYU London, here are the best places to visit to make the most of your days off.


(Courtesy of Michaela Greenlee)

Carolyn Xue, Staff Writer

From the bustling city to the beautiful countryside by the coast, there are plenty of unique places to take a quick day trip outside of NYU London. When abroad students think of traveling, it’s hard not to have Paris’s iconic landmarks, Italy’s historical cities or Spain’s vibrant culture at the top of the list. After watching so many TikToks and Instagram Stories of other European countries, the United Kingdom can get lost. 

While you might get caught up in planning a trip to a different country in Europe every other weekend, don’t forget to take advantage of the life that lies so close to London. Day trips are the perfect way to balance travel and academics. Exploring England is convenient, saves money and allows you to immerse yourself within the culture you’re living in. Here are some must-see places just outside of London that are perfect for day trips.


Landscape photo of Brighton, England, featuring a pier boardwalk on the ocean.
(Courtesy of Carolyn Xue)

Along the southern coast, Brighton is just over an hour long train ride from London. It’s a stunning place to visit and makes a lovely day trip. Even if the typical cloudy and rainy British weather hits, Brighton tends to be sunnier than the capital. 

“Brighton is a colorful town by the beach, full of unique art, and friendly people,” CAS junior Simran Gholap said. 

Colorful and elegant buildings surrounded by street art line the city’s bright and lively streets. There are plenty of cute shops and restaurants down every street. The rocky beaches make for a very refreshing change in atmosphere with their oceanside air and clear blue water. Taking a stroll on the pebbles along the water is a relaxing way to take in all the gorgeous scenery. Brighton Palace Pier is another fun way to spend time in the city, with its arcade games, sweet treats and amusement rides. You can explore so much in Brighton without feeling pressed for time.


Landscape photo of Dover, England, featuring greenery, small town, and an ocean in the background.
(Courtesy of Michaela Greenlee)

With its proximity to France and unique location, Dover — a southeast coast of England — has deep historical roots and breathtaking views across the water.

“On a clear day, you can definitely see all the way to France, so it’s worth visiting,” CAS junior Michaela Greenlee said. 

With history dating back to the 12th century, there is so much to explore. You can visit the Dover Castle, the Dover tunnels and the Dover Museum. The walk to Dover Castle is a steep 30 minutes — but nothing compares to its impressive exterior and interior. It’s certainly worth seeing, as the castle is very well-preserved and stands over the White Cliffs of Dover with amazing views of the whole town. These stunning cliffs are known to be spectacular, rising high over the coastline with an abundance of wildlife. During World War II, they also served as a significant war-time defense.  

Additionally, around the town center, there are plenty of shops that include souvenirs and artifacts related to the town’s history. Some other unique attractions include the Samphire Hoe nature preserve, the South Foreland Lighthouse on top of the White Cliffs of Dover and the Kearsney Abbey Gardens public park situated around two lakes.

Stonehenge and Bath

A landscape photo of Stonehenge and Bath, England, featuring a town with buildings during golden hour.
(Courtesy of Carolyn Xue)

If you’re looking for a two-in-one day trip, a visit to both Stonehenge and Bath is a great option for a very fun but relaxing trip. The day will likely start early and end late. The journey there is a little long and complex because of the transfers from Paddington Station to Salisbury to Stonehenge, and bus rides in between. But there’s plenty of time to rest or get some work done on the train or bus. I’d recommend booking all three tickets together on South Western Railway at least a day in advance. 

The Stonehenge ticket can be bought directly on the bus when you arrive in Salisbury with an option that covers the bus and visiting the stones. Stonehenge also has shuttle buses to take you to the stones from the Visitor Centre instead of doing the 30-minute walk. The iconic stones are worth seeing in person, but you won’t need to spend much time at Stonehenge. Snap a couple pictures, walk around the grassy landscape and enjoy the atmosphere. You’ll be out of there within an hour or two.

To get a little bit more out of this day trip, Bath is perfect to visit. From its ancient Roman history and beautiful architecture to the modern-day bath spa, Bath is a very relaxing and picturesque city. 

“After visiting Stonehenge, heading to Bath is great for relaxation, scenery and making memories with friends,” Stern junior Irene Kim said. 

After you arrive from Stonehenge, it would be the perfect time for classic high tea or afternoon tea. Then, take a stroll around the town and admire the greenery surrounding the river. The town looks absolutely beautiful as the sun begins to set. Visit the Roman Baths or Thermae Bath Spa for a relaxing spa day post-midterms. The rooftop pool during sunset is such a surreal experience, in addition to the steam rooms and ice chamber. It is such a destressing, therapeutic experience and a great opportunity to live in the moment with the no-phone policy. 

Of course, there are endless other attractions and places around London and England to see. Luckily, NYU London also has cultural programming, which includes day trips, so definitely take advantage of those. 

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