Housing Representatives Demand Answers from University

The NYU Inter-Residence Hall Council responded to University President Andrew Hamilton’s announcement closing all residence halls and the continuation of online classes until the end of the semester via an email on Monday, March 16.

Palladium Hall is an upperclassmen dorm on 14th Street near Union Square. The NYU Inter-Residence Hall Council issued a letter in response to NYU telling students to leave by March 22. (Staff Photo by Alexandra Chan)

The NYU Inter-Residence Hall Council released a statement on Monday, March 16 in response to President Hamilton’s announcement that NYU’s New York residence halls will close Sunday, March 22. 

The statement asks for certain students to be exempt from the university’s eviction, including international and low-income residents. Authors of the statement were told earlier in the week that dorms would not close and wrote that the administration failed to adequately include student opinion in its decision.

“This was done without any notice to any of the groups that represent or work for NYU Residents, including, but not limited to: the Inter-Residence Hall Council (IRHC) and the Resident Assistant Council,” the statement reads. 

The statement outlined that many international students who live in NYU’s residence halls may have difficulty returning home or returning to the United States to move out, considering expenses and fast-changing travel regulations. The statement also said that most students who are not from New York will not make the March 22nd deadline to pack their belongings and that the non-essential travel of students returning to New York City for move-out will increase the risk of transmitting COVID-19. 


Questions regarding the logistics of shipping student belongings, the time-frame of expecting packages and costs of moving on short notice were echoed throughout the statement. 

“It is extremely discouraging that the University Administration did not consult with, nor ask for the advice of, actual students whom these policy decisions affect,” the statement reads. 

The statement cited a petition which has gathered more than 3,000 signatures at the time of publication. The petition requested the university reverse its decision as a sign of support for the student body at large. 

The statement presented 20 questions to the university regarding the policy decision as well as logistics for students and demanded a response within 24 hours, paralleling the 48-hour deadline set by NYU for students living on campus.

NYU’s administration has yet to respond to the NYU Inter-Residence Hall Council’s statement.

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