Palladium Health Inspection Grade Improves From C to B

Palladium Food Court failed a health inspection in September. After a Department of Health tribunal review, its grade improved to a B.


Palladium received a B rating after its recent inspection. (Photo by Max Lerner)

Victor Porcelli, News Editor

Palladium Food Court’s grade has improved from a C to a B following a failed health inspection in late September, but filth flies and improperly refrigerated food are still present at the facility, according to the Department of Health.

The DOH assigns grades using a point system, with restaurants receiving additional points for every violation. Palladium received a 46 in September, almost 20 points over the threshold for the worst grade possible, a C.

Despite its improvement to a B, the food court still received 19 points and was cited for the same violations: having cold food items held above 41 degrees and having filth flies in the facility.

“While this result is an improvement, we still view any result other than an ‘A’ to be highly problematic and will work to ensure we regain our top rating at the first available opportunity,” Associate Vice President of Campus Services Owen Moore said in a statement to WSN.

Palladium’s prior failure was particularly concerning to students due to it coming so early into Chartwells’ tenure as NYU’s new dining service provider. Its predecessor, Aramark, served NYU for over 40 years but lost its contract shortly after Lipton Dining Hall failed a health inspection in Fall 2017, when it received a 39.

Moore said students will have the opportunity to tour NYU kitchens to observe firsthand Chartwells’ practices. Those who are interested can contact Associate Director of Dining Services Carolyn Milea at [email protected].

“We at NYU Dining are proud of our dining hall staff and the good work they do every day, and we’re confident that a tour of the facilities would allay any student’s concerns,” Moore said.  

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