CAS Student in Search of a Stern MBA? Look No Further

Beginning this summer, CAS students and graduates will have the opportunity to use a separate application process to Stern’s MBA program.


Echo Chen

The exterior of the Stern School of Business.

Bethany Allard, Deputy News Editor

CAS students can skip the tests and application fee when applying to the Stern MBA program after NYU announced a new “CAS-Stern Pathway” on Wednesday.

The email invites CAS seniors and recent graduates to apply to Stern’s MBA program through a separate admissions process designed to retain the best-performing undergraduates. Upon acceptance, students are expected to gain two to five years of relevant work experience before starting the program. Stern’s full-time MBA Class of 2020 had a 23% acceptance rate, with a total of 370 students enrolled in the program.

Students can enroll in the program with no application fee, and without taking the GMAT or GRE. Enrollees will receive a $10,000 scholarship toward their tuition.

In a statement to WSN, university spokesperson John Beckman said that the program is the first of a broader NYU x NYU program, which aims to provide NYU undergraduates with more opportunities to join the professional and graduate schools, including NYU Law and NYU Medicine.

“NYU x NYU will make it easier for students to identify — and afford — graduate and professional degrees that will help them advance towards their life and career goals,” Beckman said.

Conversations about the CAS-Stern Pathway program began three years ago from the leadership of CAS and Stern, according to Beckman.

Dean of the College of Arts and Science Gene Jarrett said that this program allows the most exceptional undergraduates to pursue professional opportunities within an environment they are familiar with.

“These students are competitive for admission to other top professional programs across the country, but they wish to remain a part of and contribute to the NYU community,” Jarrett said in a statement to WSN.  

CAS junior Nico Mendoza is considering pursuing an MBA at Stern. He appreciates that the program allows students to take time to work before enrolling in the program.

“The fact that they do give you that time to see what the private sector is really like and get work experience will help you be more focused [on what you want] when you enroll in the program,” Mendoza said.

The admissions office will evaluate transcripts, resumes and essays among other application materials in lieu of standardized test scores. If applicants make it through the first round, they are invited to interview with a member of the NYU Stern admissions committee. Once admitted, students are required to complete an abbreviated admissions application the year they plan to enroll.

Accepted students will also be eligible for other Stern scholarships, including ones that cover the full cost of tuition and other fees, which for the full-time program average out to about $113,000.

The application for the program will be made available this summer and is due Dec. 15.

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