New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

Influential 2018

(Photo by Sam Klein)
No one at NYU can be influential simply because making an impact on a university of 50,000-plus students doing 50,000 different things is nearly impossible.

What sets the following 10 people apart from the droves of other accomplished and polished NYU students is their ability to make deep change in an arena where only they could make a difference.

In a world where the waters can seem infinitely deep, these 10 students have been able to transform what’s around them by thinking intentionally small. Combing through more than a hundred nominations, we winnowed the list down by looking for people who are giants in their communities.

Without our unwavering team, this issue wouldn’t exist. First, a big thanks to our Deputy Managing Editors Sakshi Venkatraman and Alejandro Villa Vásquez and Editor-in-Chief Jemima McEvoy, who rounds out her fifth and final semester at WSN. The three of you were essential to the perfection of this issue. Hats off to our Copy Chiefs Tarra Chen and Viral Shanker without them there would be oxford commas galore and no meaningless conversations about fellow copy editors’ dating lives on Tinder. We can’t forget their copy-editing children, Joey Hung, Paul Kim, Kate Lowe, Daija Dewberry and Sam Brinton.

This issue became the coronation for the new creative directors, Sophia Di Iorio and Priya Tharawal, from the old, Rachel Buigas-Lopez and Laura Shkouratoff, who stayed around this window-less basement for two years. And to our tireless multimedia team — Sam Klein, Tony Wu, Alana Beyer and Justin Park led by their fearless leader Katie Peurrung — our staff finally understands how vital you are to helping tell their stories.

To the 10 students featured in this issue, thank you for replying to our writers’ incessant emails and letting us tell your stories.

— Sayer Devlin and Pamela Jew, Managing Editor and Under the Arch Managing Editor

24 hours | 24 frames per second

Zella Christenson shares her day from start to end.

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About the Contributors
Pamela Jew
Pamela Jew, Under the Arch Managing Editor
Pamela Jew is the Managing Editor of WSN's magazine, Under the Arch, and a junior in Gallatin studying 'Community Through Commodity' with a Anthropology minor. For a hot conversation starter, ask her about the summer she spent watching over 200 hours of Jake Paul videos because it's every day bro. She's from a town in the suburban outskirts of Atlanta, lovingly referred to as 'The Bubble,' but to burst your bubble, she unfortunately (or fortunately) doesn't have a southern accent. You'll find her social media if you hunt.
Sayer Devlin
Sayer Devlin, Managing Editor
Sayer Devlin is an Economics major in CAS and loves reading Marginal Revolution and Toni Morrison. In his time at WSN, he’s started the official podcast and doggedly reported on everything from the finances of NYU to the school’s racial makeup. He was born in Tokyo and has lived in Paris, London, Massachusetts and New York. When he's not pretending to work, Sayer is spending too much time paying attention to sports, technology and Twitter.
Sam Klein
Sam Klein, Managing Editor
Sam Klein is a junior majoring in journalism and environmental science. He is interested in sustainable, large-scale farming and fishing as well as global economic development in the agricultural sector; he also supports eating insects. Outside of WSN he runs on NYU's cross-country and track teams. During his free time he enjoys photography, traveling, coffee and being outdoors. You can check out his work at or on instagram @samkleinphotography.

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