Authentic Indian Cuisine Near NYU

Experience flavorful and authentic Indian cuisine with these five restaurants.

Unda beef roll and shrimp masala roll in Kati Roll Company. (Staff photo by Jorene He)

Despite supposedly being a meeting point of different cultures and cuisines, it can be hard to find authentic and affordable Indian food near NYU. These five restaurants will satisfy your Indian cuisine cravings without breaking the bank.

Kati Roll Company $
99 Macdougal St.
Kati Roll Company is great for a quick bite to eat between classes. This affordable restaurant specializes in kati rolls: a popular Indian street food consisting of a spicy mixture of meat and vegetables rolled into Indian flatbread. The rolls offer a blend of up to 30 spices, along with ingredients like lime juice, yogurt and fresh cilantro chutney to awaken your taste buds. The kati rolls can be customized to your personal spice levels, making it an enjoyable experience for all. A must-try combo is the vegetarian Achari Paneer Roll ($7.15) with the Kesar Pista Lassi ($6.20), or the classic Chicken Tikka Roll ($6.70), whose marinated grilled chicken cubes will warm you up on a cold day.

CAS sophomore Sehejneet Sethi considers the Kati Roll Company one of her favorite Indian restaurants because the rolls remind her of her home in Jaipur, India. 

“I feel like I am back in India eating my mom’s chicken paratha roll whenever I order from here,” Sethi said. “My favorite dish there is the chicken roll with a bottle of mango lassi.” 


Mint Masala $$
95 Macdougal St.
The relaxed setting and prime location of Mint Masala makes it a great restaurant for a gathering with friends or a family visit. Every dish offers fresh ingredients and roasted spices; the mint leaves that garnish every dish contain beneficial digestive properties. Make sure to try the picturesque crispy golden brown samosa ($2.95) and the tender mince chicken reshmi kabab ($15.95).

Mughlai $$
329 Third Ave.
Mughlai is a great place to have a large group dinner with various curries, rice dishes and other classic Indian items. The sharp and vibrant colors on the plates show the blend of spices and unique flavors that make up authentic Indian cuisine. Dishes to try: Mughlai Chicken Curry ($13.95), samosas ($6.95) and onion pakoras ($6.95).

Masala Times $
194 Bleecker St.
If you find yourself staring at a bright wall full of Hollywood and Bollywood art, you’ve come to the right place. With a funky interior, Masala Times is a great place to enjoy a meal with friends. The food is on the spicier side, but as long as you have a cup of water or some Limca ($3.51), you’ll finish your meal before you know it. What to try: Chicken Biryani ($13.95) and Samosa Chaat ($8.97).

CAS sophomore Aishwarya Manojkumar, a frequent customer at Masala Times, favors this Indian restaurant because of the late hours and the fond memories she associates with it. 

“Masala Times was a place I frequented freshman year,” Manojkumar said. “During finals season, after studying all day in Bobst, my friends and I would go there, since it’s open really late, [to drink] chai and eat something. Now, the staff at Masala Times know our faces.”

NYDosas Cart $
Washington Square Park
Washington Square Park would look substantially different without the South Indian, cash-only, vegetarian NYDosas cart. Run by Thiru Kumar, the cart is a staple and favorite for many NYU students. The friendliness of the owner and his dosas — lentil crepes filled with spices, potatoes and other vegetables — warm both the stomach and heart. What to try: Masala Dosa ($6) and Mixed Vegetable Uthappam ($7). If you ever need to know when he’s open, check his Twitter, @nydosas.

Although the cart does not have a wide selection of dosas, CAS sophomore Sonam Tailor is still a regular. 

“I literally go there all the time especially in class gaps since it’s quick and convenient,” Tailor said. “The food is definitely authentic and the dosas are a quick bite.”

A version of this article appears in the Monday, Feb. 25, 2019, print edition. Email Taylor Jeffries at [email protected]



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