Do-nut say no to these doughnuts

Tired of running on Dunkin’? Here are some new places to fill the doughnut-shaped hole in your stomach.


Tayler Macmillan

(Photo by Tayler MacMillan)

Jonathan Mak, Contributing Writer

New York City is famous for the bagels, while its brother, the doughnut, has been cast aside. Whether they’re jelly-filled or classic glazed, doughnuts are a go-to for any occasion. Many chefs have also put their own spin on the classic treat with mochi doughnuts and savory doughnuts on the rise. As someone with a cavity-filled sweet tooth, here are some of the best I’ve found around the city. 

The Donut Pub

740 Broadway

From an ordinary glazed doughnut to its signature croissant doughnut, The Donut Pub offers a quick and easy way to satisfy your pastry cravings. It’s dangerously close to Washington Square Park, and its NYU discount keeps me coming back. The Maple Bacon Croissant Doughnut is my favorite — it pairs perfectly with their variety of coffee options. The Donut Pub also offers muffins, cookies, crullers, and vegan and gluten-free doughnuts, and there are multiple locations across the city.

Daily Provisions

103 E. 19th St. 

While Daily Provisions doesn’t have American-style doughnuts, the small, classy cafe located near Union Square specializes in the doughnut’s softer and lighter cousin — the French cruller.  The three standard flavors — cinnamon sugar, maple and original — are to die for. If you’re looking for brunch in two bites, the boozy Mimosa Cruller will get you ready for a good time. As we’re approaching the holidays, Daily Provisions’ Gingerbread Crullers put Mrs. Claus’s cookies to shame.

The Doughnut Project

10 Morton St.

Opened in the West Village in 2015, The Doughnut Project takes inspiration from food, fun and cocktails. From the Everything Doughnut to their award-winning Those Beetz are Dope doughnuts, The Doughnut Project is perfect for those who do not have a strong sugar craving. This popular doughnut spot is only open Wednesday through Sunday,  9 a.m. to 2 p.m. or until sold out, so grab your Lemon Love Letter doughnuts while they’re hot.

Alimama Tea

89A Bayard St.

An unassuming shop right across the street from Columbus Park in Chinatown, Alimama Tea is famous for one of my favorite kinds of doughnuts — the mochi doughnut. Naturally gluten-free, a mochi doughnut is a combination of Japanese mochi and traditional American doughnuts. Alimama’s mochi doughnuts fuse Asian and American flavor profiles, and the matcha-toasted Rice Krispies mochi doughnuts are a must-try. Another great option are their mochi munchkins, which are small and shareable, making them the perfect snack.

Doughnut Plant

379 Grand St.

This one’s for the sourdough bread lovers out there. Doughnut Plant has three different kinds of sourdough bread doughnuts: dark chocolate, strawberry, and interestingly enough — cacio e pepe. But its innovation doesn’t end there — Doughnut Plant invented the 

crème brulee doughnut and the square-shaped filled doughnut, making sure you get jelly in every bite. Doughnut Plant has many locations, the closest to campus being on the Lower East Side.


124 Second Ave.

Saving my favorite for last: Mochinut is another popular place to get mochi doughnuts in New York City. They have flavors ranging from churro to cheesecake, but I go for the ube mochi doughnut every time. If I’m feeling indulgent, I add soft serve on top of my mochi doughnut to create the ultimate treat. Mochinuts also serves Korean hotdogs and bubble tea, making it not only the perfect spot for a quick bite, but a great place for a complete meal.

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