Slice, Slice, Baby: Find Your Slice of Choice at These Pie Spots

Because pie is good during every season.

As the holiday season approaches, there’s never a better time to have a slice of pie. (Via Pexels)

While there may never be a bad time for pie, there definitely is a good one, and the season is upon us –– holiday season, that is. And, yes, I’m going to be enjoying my slice come Thanksgiving, but it never hurts to know that you can get your fix any time of the year. These are the top five spots to hit for just that.

(Illustration by Lucy Geronime)

Petee’s Pie Company
61 Delancey St. (Lower East Side), 505 Myrtle Ave. (Brooklyn)

This Brooklyn and Lower East Side classic never disappoints. Choose a flavor from either their fruit, chestnut or custard pies for just $6 a slice or $35 for the entire thing. Go for the local apple or maybe even a maple whiskey walnut. Petee’s also sells signature icebox pies with flavors such as banana cream and New York cheesecake. And yes. Cheesecake and pie. You read that right. These icebox pies cost just 75 cents more per slice and $5 more for a whole pie. 

Four and Twenty Blackbirds
439 Third Ave.


Venture not too far into Brooklyn (Tandon, this one’s for you) to find this quaint gem, which prides itself on embracing seasonal ingredients and flavors. You can find classic flavors here, like the brown butter pumpkin, bittersweet chocolate pecan or salted caramel, all for $42 per whole pie consisting of seven slices. But life’s too short to not venture out of our comfort zones a little –– so why not go for their matcha custard or salty honey? They also offer boxes of four slices for $25. Either way, you’ll leave here full and satisfied. 

120 Hudson St.

One might recognize Bubby’s name from stories of their top tier boozy brunches, and understandably so. Their omelets, pancakes and sandwiches are delicious. But did you know they serve pie too? With flavors like local pumpkin praline, key lime, banoffee and peanut butter chocolate off of their Thanksgiving menu, all at $40 for a whole pie, you’re going to want to get your brunch this weekend with a little dessert too.

Billy’s Bakery
184 Ninth Ave.

Can you say friend goals? This spot has been open for 15 years, and we have Marc and Wayne to thank for that. The two decided to open a bakery together when they discovered their shared love of dessert during their time at business school –– luckily, love and business training were the only two ingredients they needed. And while you can find cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more sugary treats at their Chelsea, Tribeca, Upper West Side and Plaza Hotel locations, you can also get your hands on delicious pie. Pick up their turtle cheesecake flavor, or maybe even bourbon pecan and banana cream, all for $33 per whole pie. 

Ice and Vice
221 East Broadway

This is not a drill. Ice cream and pie wrapped up in one dessert. Originally a food truck, Ice and Vice has expanded throughout New York, now even delivering nationwide. While they’re known for their regular old scoops, this joint also serves it spread thick atop a buttery, crisp crust. Their Detention flavor ($38) is a blast from the past, with the crust made of Fruity Pebbles and topped with malted vanilla ice cream. But for the chocolate lovers out there, perhaps the Milk Money, made with toasted milk ice cream, a graham cracker crust and topped with hardened chocolate ganache, is the flavor for you ($38).

RIP the jeans that won’t fit next week. You won’t be missed.

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