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The trendiest winter coats to brace New York City winter

With these trendy coats, you can conquer the New York City cold in style.
Alisia Houghtaling
(Illustrations by Alisia Houghtaling)

As this semester welcomes you to New York City’s unbearably freezing weather, it might be a challenge to decide what coat will guarantee ultimate warmth. Whether you’re running to Space Market between classes or hanging out in Washington Square Park, the most comfortable coat is not always the most fashionable. As the winter chill settles in, here is a guide to the best jackets to be both cute and cozy. 

For guaranteed comfort and coziness

As soon as the temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, one coat that is essential for your wardrobe is a puffer, specifically a The North Face puffer coat. Though this coat is familiar to most, its popularity is well-earned. Not only are these coats trendy, they are also incredibly comfortable. Whether it is the coat’s high-quality insulation or its durable construction, you are guaranteed to stay warm while speed walking between classes. 

In addition to their high quality, puffer coats are also incredibly fashionable. Since The North Face has a wide selection of different shades, you will be sure to find a puffer coat in all your favorite colors. However, as college students, we often come across price tags that can be a little worrisome. That said, if you are looking for a more budget-friendly puffer, check out The Nordstrom Rack on E 14th Street. 

For taking on New York City’s occasional rainstorms

Yes, the snow can be beautiful; however, there is always the chance of cold and dreadful rain.  A raincoat that seems to be quite popular in New York City with a very attractive fit is the Arc’teryx raincoats. While purchasing coats that are expected to last a long time, it can sometimes be a troubling process to figure out what coat to purchase. However, Arc’teryx aims to ease the stress for consumers by crafting waterproof raincoats with a reliable defense against rain. As New Yorkers are often greeted with sudden rainstorms, having a raincoat that will ensure that you make it from point A to point B dry is essential to have in your closet. 

For days that call for extra-long comfort

If you’re looking for a coat that is guaranteed to keep you warm and fashionable this winter, parkas are definitely a staple to have in your closet. The centerpiece of the winter wardrobe, a parka is a multipurpose piece made to conquer the cold with style. Parkas are the epitome of functional fashion, with their longer cut, insulating padding and comfortable hood.

An option that NYU students can’t get enough of are the Canada Goose parka coats. Whether it’s the standout fur trim or the multiple pockets and adjustable hoods, Canada Goose coats will ensure you stay warm and cozy no matter what winter throws at you. Without a doubt, these are beyond the regular price point for a coat. Although, the qualities of this particular piece may justify the jaw-dropping price. Alternatively, The North Face parkas provide options with prices that are a little more justifiable. These coats are versatile and comfortable, but they will also keep you warm throughout the season. 

For the hike to your internship

Picture this: it’s a rainy day and it’s getting too warm for a puffer coat, but not warm enough to go coatless. A trench coat is essential to have on days like this as you will be able to layer them with practically any outfit. Not only does the timeless look make the coat suitable for any outfit, it also means they’re rather easy to find whether you are shopping first or secondhand. However, it can often be stressful to search for these pieces in vintage stores that New Yorkers often attempt to gatekeep. If you find yourself in this position, Gap has a wide variety of trench coats of both different styles and colors. 

For days when fashion trumps function

The classic black leather coat is a staple piece every NYU student has sought out on a thrift run. While these coats may not always be the warmest, they can elevate any outfit and still provide some protection from the frigid breeze. Depending on if you choose to shop first or second hand, you might get lucky and find a leather jacket that is very inexpensive. If you’re looking to shop first hand, Alferic Eden vintage washed fauz leather jacket is a coat that is not only budget-friendly but also stylish, two words college students love when shopping for staple pieces. If you are searching for one that offers both comfort and appearance second-hand, check out L-train or Metropolis, NYU students’ go-to thrift stores.

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