The best and worst looks of the 2023 Grammy Awards

From Harry Styles’ Harlequin-esque jumpsuit to Cardi B’s Gaurav Gupta gown, the biggest night in music had everyone turning heads.


Susan Behrends Valenzuela

The 2023 Grammy Awards showcased yet another year of red carpet fashion dos and don’ts. (Illustration by Susan Behrends Valenzuela)

Sarah Whitacre, Staff Writer

For some viewers, the 2023 Grammy Awards proved to be an amazing night. For others, it was filled with snubs and disappointment. It’s unfortunate that the Grammys don’t distribute awards for best dressed, but not to fear — WSN is here. Here are my picks for the five best dressed — and five not-so-best dressed — from this year’s Grammys red carpet.

The Best

Cardi B and Offset

Cardi looked gorgeous. She was like a majestic wave with perfect makeup. The dress was sculpturesque and fit her like a glove, and the royal blue stood out without clashing too harshly with the carpet. Again, Cardi shows her aptitude for fashion with another stunning look. Oh, and Offset was there too.


A perfect example of coordination without complete matching, the band Måneskin was dressed like a stylish high school clique from the ’70s. They might have looked a bit intense, but hey — that’s Gucci for you.

Doja Cat

Dressed in tight black latex, Doja Cat’s Versace dress was both edgy and classy. This sleek style is just another addition to her vast lineup of amazing award show outfits, and this look had me singing “let me be your woman.”

Laverne Cox

How do they let interviewers consistently outserve the actual nominees? Laverne Cox interviewed dozens of celebrities throughout E!’s red carpet show, and she almost always seemed to outshine them in this Kim Kassas dress. Her golden accessories and simple hairstyle enhanced the look without distracting from her beauty.

Harry Styles

Listen, I know he might look like a clown or a bedazzled pack of Fruit Stripe gum — I just don’t care! He’s giving us more than the dozens of men in plain suits. Maybe I’m being obvious about the fact that I’m a former Directioner, or maybe he just looks that good.

The Worst

Jack Antonoff

I’m sorry to rank our former Clive Davis artist-in-residence so low, but aren’t we over the boring men’s red carpet looks? Did he really think the “Kennedy for U.S. Senator” button would redeem his outfit? I can’t hate on him too hard, though, because he did co-produce Lorde’s “Melodrama,” and for that he deserves a pass.

Shania Twain

Ms. Twain is country royalty, but her wildly patterned outfit and comically oversized hat had her looking more like Cruella de Vil. On top of that, the entire outfit looks like it was made for someone about 10 inches taller — her pants flared so much they were completely covering her shoes. Maybe she was just going for a campy look? 


It seems like Miguel wanted to emulate Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s iconic head-to-toe denim at the 2001 American Music Awards, but instead we’re left with this confusing joutfit. Do his pants connect to his boots? Do we need the denim hat under the denim hood? I appreciate his attempt at doing something different than many men on the carpet, but unfortunately, the execution fell through. 


It seems like this singer’s stylist said “a-b-c-d-e-f-u” to a good red carpet outfit. I appreciate a daring look, but the sheer lacy dress, star-shaped pasties and dominatrix-style accessories seem out of place for the Grammys red carpet.

Camila Cabello

I’d be crying in the club too if this is what my stylist gave me for the biggest night in music. It seems like the designer ran out of time after making the top and just decided to throw on a clashing black skirt to complete the look. The top is confusing, the outfit overall is incohesive, yet the look is still somehow boring.

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