Jill Roberts, Future Educator With a Fresh Face

Let’s Face It is a series where students share their beauty and skincare essentials.

Jill Roberts, a Steinhardt first-year, shares her skin care routine. (Via Instagram)

San Franciscan and lover of reading, writing and, more recently, kickboxing, Steinhardt first-year Jill Roberts is still getting used to life at NYU. Roberts, who studys English, has always recognized the importance of education, especially in order to create opportunity for those who lack it. She plans on teaching English in a public high school, with hopes of a career in education policy to further her reach in making education possible for those who need it.

“I’ve always loved teaching, and I think it’s such an important field because so much in our world revolves around what we’ve learned in classrooms,” Roberts said. “I also think education can be utilized to help spread different perspectives and give students platforms that they might not necessarily have at home.”

But despite the lifestyle change that comes with starting college, Roberts’ skincare routine and the products on her shelf remain the same as high school. Having dealt with acne from an early age, it took Roberts some time to find the best products for her sensitive skin. After consulting her dermatologist, she settled on a combination that was not too harsh but still targeted her problem areas. 

Mornings always start with Neutrogena’s Pink Foaming Grapefruit Scrub as a cleanser, which she feels is effective on her acne-prone skin. Then, Roberts exfoliates with Fresh’s Umbrian Clay Pore Exfoliator. She has again found it to be suitable for her skin type, a vital factor in selecting her skincare products. Next, she moisturizes with Olehenrikson’s Sheer Transformation Moisturizer, her favorite product due to its light texture and nevertheless powerful hydration properties, and always follows up with dermatologist-recommended sunscreen. 


Roberts tends to stay away from makeup, and when she does wear it, she does her best not to keep it on too long and removes it with makeup wipes as soon as her day is done. Her nighttime ritual consists of washing her face with cleanser once more and, on some nights, applying a moisturizer if she feels her skin is dry. 

“I love Olehenrikson’s Sheer Transformation Moisturizer,” Roberts said. “It always makes my skin feel super hydrated and refreshed without feeling too heavy.”

Keeping up with this routine for about a year now, Roberts used to use serums and toners but didn’t notice a difference in her skin.

“It didn’t feel worth it to spend money on products that weren’t a necessity for me,” Roberts said.

Like many young women before her, she’s heard all kinds of beauty advice, some of it helpful and some not. But the best tips she’s ever been given are simply to drink lots of water and to never leave the house without sunscreen. By adhering to these two vital tenets, as well as keeping up with her skincare ritual, Roberts has seen an overall improvement in her acne and quality of skin, having her looking good in a new city — and feeling even better.

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