New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

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Students Dish on Tired Trends

Break up with your wardrobe, I’m bored.
From cowboy boots to simple designer clothes, NYU students reflect on trends they have had enough of. (Staff Illustration by Min Ji Kim)

A blue-haired bohemian sophomore, a first-year clothed head-to-toe in black and a girl wearing a mini neon dress in perfect harmony with the color of her hair weave through the omnipresent crowd of designer apparel-wearers: the 10-step walk between Bobst and Kimmel is a study in organized style chaos.

If you gave every NYU student the same T-shirt, no two students would style it the same way. Everyone on campus seems to have figured out a unique style of their own, and everyone has a strong opinion regarding what is outdated, boring or simply overused. With fall underway, new and returning students shared the fashion trends that they are tired of seeing on their way to class.

“[I’m tired of] skinny jeans, especially those with a lot of rips,” CAS first-year Evyn Banawoye said, dressed in high-waisted brick-red cargo pants, a mustard-yellow tank top and a brown belt herself. She also mentioned that chain belts and white Vans must go. 

Passionate about personal style, she advises everyone to dress for themselves and not for others. One thing she cannot stand is unoriginality, which she describes as “dressing like a mannequin.” 

Gallatin first-year Ama Sarpomaa immediately replied that she was not fond of seeing wedge heels, saying simply, “They are not cute.” 

Steinhardt first-year Amy Hou, admitted she is tired of seeing neon clothes and cowboy boots, saying that she didn’t like them even when they first came out.

Gallatin sophomore Hannah Javens, sporting shiny blue lipstick and eyeshadow to match her blue hair, also shared her thoughts.

“I don’t like seeing luxury couture designer clothes that are too simple,” Javens said.

Reflecting her colorful personality in her creative style, Javens said she is tired of seeing strapless chiffon dresses that are neither innovative nor unique; she would rather see them “experiment more with different colors, materials and fabrics.”

CAS first-year Kyrese Estwick said, “Socks and sandals — do not do it!” 

For Gallatin junior Paul Cohen, a fashion trend that has started to bore him is turtlenecks, perhaps due to their invariable simplicity.  

Stern senior Aaron Han, said he only supports streetwear to a point.

“I am not very into the form of street style that is too extraordinary,” Han said. “Very oversized clothing is just too much.”

According to CAS junior Korie McManus, a trend that must go is overalls for no reason other than that they are “ugly.” 

While certain fashion trends may bore current students, NYU is home to plenty who could pair ostensibly tired pieces in a way that makes them appealing. Just remember, stay true to your own style because you cannot go wrong with fashion as long as it reflects your vision.

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