Flying Solo Couture: F/W 2020


Alexandra Chan

(Photo by Alexandra Chan)

Nya Etienne, Staff Writer

A full house, the Flying Solo: Couture show had two interconnected runways, lined with rows of viewers excited for what the numerous designers had in store. The eclectic variations ranged from colorful tulle, wedding gowns, childrenswear and jewelry-as-clothing. Of the designers showcased, there are quite a few that left a lasting impression: 


MONOSUIT’s oversized athleisure is known for its neon palette, but a twist took the audience by surprise: all of the models donned oversized, red cloth lips pasted over their actual mouths. This shroud of hidden identity, paired with relatively bright yet monochromatic clothing, added an air of mystery. Fur hats, ranging in colors from hot pink to neon turquoise, were also memorable.

Saba Asad x Georgina Jewelry 

With black and gold undertones, the pieces featured gold jewelry adorned on every models’ shoulders or head. The clothing design seemed influenced by authentic Middle-Eastern patterns, with intricate beading and flowing trains as a recurring theme – keeping in line with Saba’s signature flair. 

Miashan x Georgina Jewelry

Yet again, Georgina Jewelry makes an appearance, this time paired with the UK-based couture line Miashan. Complete with high-low trains, structured bodices and cage-underskirts, the Victorian influence was evident. Navy blue, white and gold were the dominating colors.

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