NYU Law Faces Backlash After Eliminating Alumni From Listserv

A petition by an NYU Law alumnus to keep the current listserv has garnered over 180 signatures from students and alumni.

University Receives Over 84,000 Applications for Class of 2023

NYU received over 84,000 applications for first-year admission into the Class of 2023, according to a university press release. The number of applications has climbed every year for the past 12 years, although the increase...

Sundance Documentary Winner ‘Genesis 2.0’ Hits IFC Center

Every summer dozens of Yakutian men leave their homes to trek the remote New Siberian Islands in search of a unique treasure: wooly mammoth tusks. They desperately hack at the brown-green pastures with picks...

University Releases Statement Opposing BDS Resolution

Thirty-two votes in favor were needed for the “Resolution on the Human Rights of Palestinians” to make it out of the student government assembly; on Dec. 6, it received 35 and passed. Now it’s...

University Agrees to Meet Activists’ Demands on Aramark After 155-Hour Occupation

The Incarceration to Education Coalition ended their 155-hour long occupation in Bobst and Kimmel after NYU agreed to meet some of the organization’s demands, but NYU said “the University cannot make pledges that bind its actions in future years.”

Student Government Passes BDS Resolution After Shouts, Screams and Snaps

A resolution that would have NYU divest from companies associated with Israel and institute a socially responsible investment policy passed on Thursday. Of the 63 members of student government voting, 14 abstained,...

Influential 2018

No one at NYU can be influential simply because making an impact on a university of 50,000-plus students doing 50,000 different things is nearly impossible. What sets the following 10 people apart from the droves...

IEC Moves Days Long Occupation to Kimmel Stairs

Members of the IEC have now moved their occupation of Bobst to Kimmel, hoping to escalate their protest of NYU’s dining services.

Faculty Discuss NYU’s Ties to Abu Dhabi

Faculty members decided to host an open forum to discuss NYU’s relationship with the UAE and the existence of academic freedom at NYU Abu Dhabi.

Students Protest NYU’s Involvement in Yemeni Humanitarian Crisis

40 protestors called on the university to take steeper action on the war in Yemen.

At Langone, a Doctor Gives a Gunshot Victim a New Face

Inside the operating room during a 25-hour face transplant surgery, Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez had time to take just one bathroom break and a quick sip of coffee. The rest of his time consisted of...

Barry Jenkins Talks ‘Beale Street,’ Baldwin and #MeToo

The “Moonlight” director warns to never adapt your heroes, but finds “If Beale Street Could Talk” to be a pretty fruitful attempt.