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Mayor Eric Adams recently converted his first paycheck to cryptocurrency. He previously declared that he would take his first three paychecks in Bitcoin. (Image via Wikimedia Commons, Staff Illustration by Manasa Gudavalli)

Opinion: Mayor Adams, don’t take your checks in crypto

By Kevin Kurian, Opinion Editor January 26, 2022

Eric Adams, the self-proclaimed “Mayor of Swagger,” is attempting to breathe new life into a city afflicted by rising crime and a global pandemic. He’s maintained an eccentric and frenetic schedule...

One year ago today, domestic terrorists in support of former President Donald Trump stormed the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. (Staff Photo by Ryan Walker)

Opinion: The Jan. 6 insurrection, one year later

By Kevin Kurian, Opinion Editor January 6, 2022

A year ago today, right-wing rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol in an effort to silence 81 million people who voted against former President Donald Trump. They came bearing firearms and Trump flags; they...

Soldiers paraded around New York City on Veteran’s Day. The issue of food insecurity among military families is prominent and concerning. (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

Opinion: Veterans Day underscores urgency of addressing military food insecurity

By Michelle Han, Deputy Opinion Editor November 17, 2021

Last Thursday, Nov. 11, commemorations for Veterans Day swept across the country. For the first time in two years, NYC’s Veterans Day Parade returned in full flair, flooding Fifth Avenue with marching...

Conservative Senate hopeful J.D. Vance, pictured here at Turning Point USA’s Southwest Regional Conference in April 2021, often speaks at conservative events. Vance’s recent comments at the National Conservatism Conference disparaged higher education and professors. (Photo by Gage Skidmore, via Wikimedia Commons)

Opinion: Senate hopeful J.D. Vance embodies American conservatism’s anti-intellectualism

By Kevin Kurian, Opinion Editor November 16, 2021

Republican senate hopeful J.D. Vance quoted disgraced former President Richard Nixon earlier this month in a harangue against institutions of higher education, going as far as to declare that “professors...

New York state Democrats failed to pass initiatives intended to expand voting rights. As a result, barriers to electoral participation will continue to be reinforced. (Photo by Katherine Chan)

Editorial: New York Democrats failed to protect voting rights

By WSN Editorial Board November 15, 2021

New York Democrats failed to launch a coordinated campaign to protect voting rights through ballot Proposals 3 and 4 this November, leading to their rejection by voters. As New York Republicans poured...

Squid Game, the popular South Korean survival drama, investigates the destruction done by debt behind its violence and gore. As millions of students struggle to pay off student debt, the series presents a visually exaggerated but ideologically effective parallel. (Image courtesy of Netflix)

Opinion: Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ is a hit among college students suffering under student debt

By Sade Collier, Staff Writer November 9, 2021

In the seventh episode of the dystopian psychological thriller “Squid Game,” contestants are instructed to cross a bridge constructed with glass panels of varying durability. The fate of the players,...

NYU Langone Health should include Juneteenth on its holiday calendar. Recognizing Juneteenth as a holiday would be an act of recognition that shows Langone acknowledges the historical wrong of slavery. (Staff Photo by Manasa Gudavalli)

Opinion: NYU Langone failed by not designating Juneteenth as a holiday

By Kevin Kurian, Opinion Editor November 8, 2021

WSN recently reported that NYU Langone Health, NYU’s academic health center, did not include Juneteenth on its holiday calendar, instead allowing employees to choose one “Cultural Heritage Day”...

Last week, Bill de Blasio filed paperwork that set him up for a New York gubernatorial campaign. Before taking further steps, he should address the concerns surrounding his misuse of security detail as mayor and make financial reimbursements to taxpayers. (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

Opinion: NYC deserves answers and reimbursements from Bill de Blasio

By Michelle Han, Deputy Opinion Editor November 4, 2021

With Eric Adams’ mayoral win confirmed Tuesday, Nov. 2, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s time in office is drawing to a close. De Blasio has already begun to prepare for his next political move. Last week, he...

India Walton is a democratic socialist who won the Buffalo’s mayoral Democratic primary in June. While Buffalo’s majority-Democratic electorate would typically ensure Walton’s election as mayor, some of her fellow Democrats have refused to endorse her. (Staff Photo by Alexandra Chan)

Opinion: Buffalo mayoral candidate India Walton deserves Democrats’ endorsement

By Kevin Kurian, Opinion Editor October 26, 2021

Democratic socialist India Walton defeated incumbent Mayor Byron Brown’s attempt to seek a fifth term in the Buffalo mayoral primary in June. In this predominantly Democratic city, the primary victory...

The UN has done more than most realize to curb the effects of climate change. The organization is set to commence the Climate Change Conference on Oct. 31. (Photo by Camila Ceballos)

Opinion: The UN is taking substantial action against climate change

By Camila Ceballos, Staff Writer October 25, 2021

As the United Nations prepares for this year's Climate Change Conference, starting on Oct. 31 in the United Kingdom, the efficacy of past efforts regarding climate change reduction and prevention...

Kirsten Gillibrand has served as a junior New York Senator since 2009. Her internship program has been criticized for its inaccessibility to low-income applicants and lack of diversity. (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

Opinion: Kirsten Gillibrand needs to right the wrongs of her internship program

By Zach Banks, Staff Writer October 21, 2021

As the competitive application season rolls around for those aspiring to be a congressional intern this spring, college students are putting the final touches on their resumes and hoping for the...

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has recently come under fire for her actions. Progressives targeting her are only hurting their own cause. (Illustration by Bridget Harshman)

Opinion: Taking cheap shots at AOC hurts the progressive movement

By Batoul Fathi, Staff Writer October 6, 2021

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attended her first Met Gala last month wearing a dress with the words “tax the rich” emblazoned on the back in red letters. Later that month, she was one of two House...