Government censorship of Navy SEAL novel strikes freedom

Matt Bissonnette, author of a book on the Navy SEAL's mission to kill Osama bin Laden, should not be prosecuted by the Department of Defense, as his freedom of speech should be protected.

Letter to the Editor

In response to a recent to the Aug. 26 article "Expansion plan shaken, but not scrapped," Professor Rebecca Karl emphasized the importance of acknowledging faculty opposition to NYU's expansion plan.

Gay rights opponents work against the tide for civil rights

Social conservatives who continue to champion an anti-gay rights agenda are moving against a historical movement towards equality.

Gun control needs immediate reform

With the recent prevalence of shootings throughout the country, it is time we revisit the current gun control regulations that are harming the nation.

Ed Board anticipates semester of lively discourse

With the beginning of a new year, the Editorial Board promises wit and wariness. Check out daily editorials from a talented board of writers and feel free to join the conversation.