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2016 Election

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NYU Students Create Service to Bring Protests to Your Phone

Antonio Wovchko Fratto, Contributing Writer Feb 8, 2017
ResistX, an SMS and email service created by NYU students, makes protesting a no-brainer.
Man holds up poster, relaying the message that Americans must resist the discriminatory policies Trump is trying to instill.

LGBT Members and Allies Protest Trump’s Cabinet Picks at Stonewall

Miranda Levingston, Deputy News Editor Feb 6, 2017
The biting cold could not stop the LGBT community and their supporters from waving kaleidoscopic flags in the sky at a pro-LGBT rally held at the historic Stonewall Inn.
Arrests of students are not isolated events, such as when 11 reported arrests were made on Tuesday outside Kimmel.

Q&A: NYU Protester Arrested

Herman Lee, Staff Writer Feb 6, 2017
Steinhardt sophomore Zane Kerr was arrested at a protest: WSN did a Q&A with him about his experience.
NYU law students sent a letter to their former classmate, Jared Kushner, to remind him of the power he has to change the country for the better.

NYU Law Classmates Appeal to Alum Jared Kushner

Arushi Sahay, Contributing Writer Feb 6, 2017
Presidential Senior Advisor and NYU alumnus Jared Kushner's law classmates wrote a letter to him about his responsibility to make a positive impact on the country.
Protests and Attacks Cut Gavin McInness Speech Short

Protests and Attacks Cut Gavin McInnes’s Speech Short

Violence broke out at the Kimmel Center for University Life as Gavin McInnes spoke to the NYU College Republicans.
Members of the MSA rally kneel in prayer by the Washington Square Arch to peacefully demonstrate their religious devotion despite the hateful rhetoric surrounding Muslims.

Walls Don’t Hold Back MSA During Rally

Sayer Devlin and Htoo Min Feb 2, 2017
The Muslim Student Association hosts a rally at Kimmel responding to President Trump's executive orders restricting immigration and suspending refugee admission.
Betsy DeVos (center) at Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration.

How Will Betsy DeVos’s Policies Affect NYU Students?

Miranda Levingston , Deputy News Editor Feb 1, 2017
NYU professors share how Betsy DeVos would impact NYU students if she were appointed Secretary of Education.
The post-it notes covering Anastasiya Muravyevas  door on Nov. 17 displayed rhetoric commonly employed by white nationalists, like white pride and make America white again.

100 Days of Post-Inaugural Hate

Coco Wang, Deputy News Editor Feb 1, 2017
The Asian Pacific American Institute has created an online form where people can report hate crimes that occur within the first 100 days of Donald Trump's Presidency.
Students, Teachers Gather Outside Senator Schumer’s Office to Protest Education Rights

Students, Teachers Gather Outside Senator Schumer’s Office to Protest Education Rights

Miranda Levingston, Deputy News Editor Jan 31, 2017
Protestors advocate against Betsy DeVos's nomination for Secretary of Education.
Despite the large walkout in Washington Square Park in November, NYU is still not officially a sanctuary campus.

NYU Still Not a Sanctuary Campus

Natasha Roy, News Editor Jan 30, 2017
Despite President Andrew Hamilton's letter after the sanctuary campus walkout in November, NYU has not been declared an official sanctuary campus. NYU Sanctuary, a coalition of students and faculty, is working to change that.
Protestors in Battery Park Respond to JFK Detainees

Protestors in Battery Park Respond to JFK Detainees

Jemima McEvoy and Sayer Devlin Jan 29, 2017
New Yorkers took to the streets again on Sunday to protest President Trump's recent executive orders on immigration.
Protesters marching in Washington as part of the Womens March on Washington.

NYU Students Travel to D.C. to Join the Women’s March

Coco Wang, Deputy News Editor Jan 23, 2017
NYU students attended the Women's March in D.C. after Donald Trump's inauguration.