Food shortages leave New Yorkers struggling

A recent report from the US Department of Agriculture regarding food insecurity means New Yorkers are struggling more and more to afford food.

Academy journal starts new online review site

Interdisciplinary magazine called Public Culture launched its online affiliate in September.

Chelsea Market expansion proposal approved

The controversial Chelsea Market expansion plan was unanimously approved by the City Planning Commission.

Farm to Live promotes urban agriculture

Farm to Live, a non-profit group on campus established last year by Gallatin junior Eric Fuchs-Stengel, helps create organic farms in the city.

Occupy Wall Street takes over New York in honor of first anniversary

Occupiers storm the city to mark the one-year anniversary of the social movement.

NYU raises a record funds for financial aid, doubles last year’s amount

The university has raised a record amount of $120 million for financial aid for the 2011-2012 fiscal year.

Wasserman Center raises record funds for unpaid interns

NYU has raised a record-high grant of $350,000 for students who hold unpaid internships.

Controversial art features blood work

Jordan Eagles tries to "connect life and death" with controversial use of cattle's blood in his artwork.

Foreign-born students have higher graduation rates than American born students

According to a recent report, immigrant students are more likely to graduate from New York City high schools in four years than American-born students.

Silver School of Social Work studies mental health in adulthood

Collaborative study from NYU professors tells of how young adults who received various public system services in their youth tend to stop seeking those services when they reach adulthood

Public invited to see long-awaited Lowline

The highly anticipated LowLine park was recently opened for the first time to the press. Check out what was inside.

Health Board vote passes sugary drink ban

In a vote of eight to zero, the New York City Board of Health passes the sugary drinks ban designed to tackle overwhelming obesity problem.