Ragy Thomas Named as Second Keynote Speaker for Entrepreneurs Festival


NYU Entrepreneur

Ragy Thomas has been announced as the second speaker for the NYU Entrepreneurs Festival.

Lexi Faunce, News Editor

The NYU Entrepreneurial Institute has announced Ragy Thomas, technology visionary and Stern alumus as its second keynote speaker for their annual Entrepreneurs Festival.

Thomas’s marketing expertise has made him an instrumental leader in the technology field by transforming the way enterprises use social media and email. Tailoring these channels for business purposes led Thomas to found Sprinklr, an enterprise software company serving more than 1,000 clients.

As CEO, Thomas developed an Experience Cloud, a technology platform designed to help brands connect with their customers by utilizing social media outlets to create unique experiences. The marketing giant is dedicated to creating lasting impressions on clientele from the world’s largest companies.

In addition, Thomas serves on the board of directors for Kensico, a digital marketing company he co-founded, and Cloth, a mobile fashion application.

Prior to founding Sprinklr, Thomas was the interactive services president of Epsilon’s Alliance Data Systems Corporation and the CTO of Bigfoot Interactive, an email marketing company.

Thomas said the key to becoming a successful entrepreneur lies in having a clear sense of what a great outcome looks like for you and your business.

“Are you trying to build a ten million-dollar company or a ten billion-dollar company? Are you trying to make a name for yourself or are you genuinely driven by something that has a higher purpose? Always keep that outcome — whatever it is — in mind,” Thomas said. “It should be the framework for how you make every one of your decisions.”

Although Thomas’ family didn’t have a background in business, he says having an ambitious attitude and a passion for growing your company can take it to the next level.

I learned how to tackle problems on my own, how to trust other people, and what it meant to be driven by a higher purpose,” Thomas said. “I just want to be better than I was yesterday — that’s all I care about. That never-ending desire to improve fuels me as an entrepreneur.”

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CORRECTION: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated Thomas as a co-founder of Sprinklr when he is the sole founder. The article had also incorrectly described Sprinklr as a branding company when it is actually an enterprise software company.