New faces join NYU Division of Student Affairs

WSN profiles the new members of NYU's Division of Student Affairs. Meet Monroe France, Pascha Tyson, and Celiany Rivera-Velazquez.

NYCLU finds gaps in sexual education curriculum

New study released by the New York Civil Liberties Union revealed problematic deficiencies in sexual education in the state’s school districts.

Final stage of High Line installment opens to public

The High Line presents its final undeveloped section to the public on the first two weekends of October.

Libertarian Gary Johnson encourages students to ‘waste vote’

Hosted by NYU College Libertarians, presidential candidate Gary Johnson speaks to students about the importance of third party candidates.

New Italian law brings mixed consequences to NYU profs

Professors returning to NYU Florence encounter new Italian law that requires longer-term contracts, but hefty pay cuts.

New app Uber helps pay for taxis

New app released earlier this month may not be able to run in New York taxis due to legal challenges.

Food shortages leave New Yorkers struggling

A recent report from the US Department of Agriculture regarding food insecurity means New Yorkers are struggling more and more to afford food.

Academy journal starts new online review site

Interdisciplinary magazine called Public Culture launched its online affiliate in September.

Chelsea Market expansion proposal approved

The controversial Chelsea Market expansion plan was unanimously approved by the City Planning Commission.

Farm to Live promotes urban agriculture

Farm to Live, a non-profit group on campus established last year by Gallatin junior Eric Fuchs-Stengel, helps create organic farms in the city.

Occupy Wall Street takes over New York in honor of first anniversary

Occupiers storm the city to mark the one-year anniversary of the social movement.

NYU raises a record funds for financial aid, doubles last year’s amount

The university has raised a record amount of $120 million for financial aid for the 2011-2012 fiscal year.