‘Tabu’ remains engaging despite disjointed narrative

With its impressive use of unreliable narration, "Tabu" delivers an intriguing, if somewhat muddled, experience.

Jack Kerouac’s ‘On the Road’ inspires talent behind adaptation

Director Walter Salles and actors Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley detail the journey of bringing Jack Kerouac's seminal novel to the big screen.

McGregor, Watts demonstrate possibilites of human endurance in ‘The Impossible’

Following a family during the deadliest tsunami in history, "The Impossible" is elevated to great heights by heart-wrenching performances from its lead actors.

Best concerts of 2012 show vibrancy of indie scene

The year's five best musical performances in New York City.

Movie musicals were on wane but may be returning

Musical films have been almost extinct for some time, but "Les Misérables" may revive the genre.

Theatrical adaptation of Charles Dickens classic brings audience center stage

Innovative new play brings closure to Dickens' unfinished "Mystery of Edwin Drood."

New kind of zombie in Brad Pitt’s horror flick

"World War Z," a zombie-apocalypse movie to be released next June, is based off Max Brooks' popular 2006 novel.

‘Cloud Atlas’ brings literary magic to big screen

"Cloud Atlas" is an impressive feat of epic storytelling, formidable acting and impressive direction.

‘Matilda’ adaptation brings childhood magic to stage

Though a beloved childhood storybook, Matilda the Musical has reached the hearts of adults and kids alike.

Sci-fi novel crucial as society advances

Science fiction remains as an attractive genre even in today's post-sci-fi world.

Digital age must not abandon pen, paper

E-readers are efficient, but they can't beat the experience of reading a paper book.

Chicago rockers take listeners on inter-galactic ride

I Fight Dragons features old-school science-fiction movies and TV shows in its music video for “Save World, Get Girl.”