From Yifan Zhang to graduating students 2020 IEers, (Tandon Industrial Engineering):

“To be a better IEer”Yifan_Zhang_60.jpg (3600×2400)

From Caroline C Vielot to graduating student Aarlene N.P. Vielot, (Tisch Performance Studies):

To my Beautiful, Intelligent Baby Girl “Miss. Aarlene Vielot who is a leader since utero , I knew whatever you put in your mind to achieve in life ; you would accomplish your goals. You came into this world six weeks early to start your life. Miss. Aarlene N.P. Vielot successfully carve out your future. Completing four years of College with hard work, dedication to school work and living away from home, made you confident.; I Love my daughter and I am extremely proud . Miss Aarlene Vielot the world is at your feet and I know that you will go far in life. Love mommy lady”

From Jahnisha Weekes to graduating student Aarlene Vielot, (Tisch Performance Studies):

To Aarlene: I am beyond proud of you and how far you’ve come as a young woman. I am extremely proud of you for always going that extra mile to be the best you, you can be. Congratulations On Your Graduation!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!”

From Marie Vielotto graduating student Aarlene Vielot, (Tisch School of Performance Studies):

Congratulations to the hardest working young adult I know. I am so proud of you! I know your intelligence, tenacity, diligence, talent and wit will garner you much success in this journey called life. I wish you happiness, success, prosperity and peace. You are the best!”

From Jocelyn Hernandez to graduating student Aarlene Vielot, (Tisch Performance Studies):

I just want to say Congratulations on your graduation! This is such a huge milestone in your life. Even though you didn’t picture it going down like this, know that it’s a huge accomplishment and that we’re so proud of you. Know that this is the beginning of another great adventure for you and I can’t wait to just sit back and continue to watch you succeed! If you were here, I would of baked you a cake! Lol! Again, Congratulations on your well deserved success and we love you very much!”

From Carol Milano to graduating student Aarlene Violet, (Tisch Performance Studies):

WE are so proud of you and how hard you have worked!!! We know this isn’t the ending to your undergraduate work that you had expected but you have handled it with grace. We want to give you a social distancing high-five! We love you and are so excited to see what you are going to do next!
D & Carol”

From Dejah Surpris to graduating student Aarlene Violet, (Tisch Performance Studies):

“Congratulations Sis, I am extremely proud of you. Continue to do what you doing and I’ll continue to cheer you on! You did it, babe!”

From Aayushi Shah, graduating from Steinhardt – Counseling for mental health and wellness:

My journey started in a very interesting way, I applied to NYU a minute before the deadline because mostly everyone told me it is very difficult to get in.I thought well I need to at least try because coming to NYU was always a dream . So I encourage everyone else, if you’re at a point and there’s something you need to do to take ownership of where you are and where you want to be, I encourage you do that as well. NYU is a bigggggggggg mood and it has been the best decision of my life so far!!”

From Ali Butler-Cordova to graduating students Abby Luo, Yasmin Gulec, Katherine Sam, Riya Patil, (Global Liberal Studies):

Congratulations to Abby, Yasmin, Kat, and Riya– the best GLS Cultural and Social Identities class there ever was! I wouldn’t have been able to get through this year without all of you and your support. I am so proud of the amazing work you’ve all created and grateful to bear witness throughout its creation. Love you ladies, congratulations! – Ali”

From Jyoti Sinha to graduating student Abhilasha Sinha, (Masters in Music Business):

From Keshav Dhar to graduating student Abhilasha Sinha, (Masters in Music Business):

From Vishwajit Sinha to graduating student Abhilasha Sinha, (Masters in Music Business):

My adorable daughter Abhilasha was borne with creativity and excel in the field of music & arts. Though she did her undergrad in Economics (Hons) and Master in Liberal Arts and landed with cushy job in too notch Management Consultancy. She quit her job and went ahead to pursue her passion as profession and got into the world’s most prestigious university, NYU to hone up her skills in the field of Music Business.
Amazingly the university shaped her a lot and she continued her passion for composing her own songs and continued performing in USA and India.
We had strong desire to see her graduating in person in proper Graduating Ceremony. But the unfortunate COVID panedemic deprived us form sharing this joyous moment.
But I am happy that she had become the alumni of the world’s most prestigious University and I wish her all the best for whatever she does hereafter.
Abhilasha, my lovely daughter I love you and may God give you enough strength to establish your identity in this world.
All the best!!

Abhilasha_Sinha_-_Vishwajit_Sinha_1_60.jpg (2419×1814)

From Lavanya Garg to graduating student Abhilasha Sinha, (Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development, Graduate Music Business program):

Abhilashaaa, I am so proud everyday of the woman you are. I’ve known you for eight years and have learnt so much from you! You’ve seen me at my worst and picked me up everytime I needed a friend. As our favorite Khaled Hosseini quote goes, we’ve treated our friendship like the sun “its existence undisputed; its radiance best enjoyed, not beheld directly.” It’s been a joy to be a part of your journey and I am so excited to see where you go next! Many many congratulations <3”

From Joe Otterson to graduating student Abhilasha Sinha, (Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development, Graduate Music Business program):

“Abhilasha, from this current adversity you will rise like a Phoenix, or another city in Arizona. You have all my love and support now and forever. –Joe”

From Aashna Jaggi to graduating student Abhilasha Sinha, (Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development, Graduate Music Business program):

It’s a huge privilege to be able to say I’m close friends with one of the most inspiring women I know! Over the years, I’ve seen Abhilasha grow into an incredible artist and woman. Not entirely sure what I admire the most – that she’s always unapologetically and fiercely herself? Or her immense discipline and passion as a musician? Or perhaps her ability to speak to animals…? (Ask her for her best crow impression!)

Going into a foreign country and making a mark as an independent musician is no easy feat. I’m so proud Abhilasha leveraged all her resources at NYU and eased into the music landscape of NY so seamlessly. I was lucky to see her perform as part of NYU’s exchange-program in London; she was the repository of talent that she always is – passionate, engaging and so captivating!
Congratulations to this one-of-a-kind!”

From Sunanda Jalote to graduating student Abhilasha Sinha, (MA Music Business):

“Abhilasha, Moving here with you made everything less scary because you brought a little bit of home with you, because you were there no matter what, even if it was offering to come across Manhattan in the middle of the night for ice cream when I was struggling. I love your unapologetic weirdness, admire your confidence and also your unwavering strength and empathy. You’re a musical warrior! Here’s to always being your fanperson/groupie and having your songs on my “Music I like” playlist forever. Can’t wait to see the world adapting to your awesomeness! I have no doubt that you’ll do amazing things and continue to be beautifully weird while doing them. With many many love, The Purple to your Yellow.”

From Fola Onifade to graduating student Abraham Onifade, (Gallatin School / Public Policy and Political Economy):

“My dearest little brother, while we won’t get to scream for you as you walk across the graduation stage this year, know that we’ve been rooting for you all along. You inspire me everyday with your innate sense of curiosity and desire for knowledge. We’ll take another shot at a graduation ceremony when you receive your Masters. Congratulations and love you always!”

From Elaine, Aaron and EllieRose to graduating student Adam Doyonow, (CAS/Economics and Math):

“Dear Adam,
Job Well Done on earning your NYU Diploma! Keep moving forward and do great things! We are proud of you.
Love, MoM, DaD and EllieRose”

From Angela Orenstein to graduating student Adria Orenstein, (TISCH/Film & Television Production):

“When you were just 2 years old sitting in the backseat of the car with a little notebook and pencil in hand and asking “Mama, how do you spell cat? Mama, how do you spell dog?…” When you began kindergarten and started scribbling out short stories like The Adventures of Duck and Goose… When you entered middle school and were inspired to begin writing a young adult novel that resulted in dozens of index cards and sticky notes plastered all over the house… When in high school you wrote, directed, edited and produced award-winning short movies for film festivals… and when in college you wrote numerous screenplays and self-published an adventure book. Writing has always been a big part of who you are. You are creative, talented, smart, and kind. Don’t ever give up on your dreams! We are proud of you and love you no matter what you do in life and we wish you happiness always.
Love, Mom & Dad”

From Tysha Vulcain to graduating students Adventure Time (Stephanie O’neil, John Jimenez, Jermaine Graham), (NYU Steinhardt Higher Education and Student Affairs):

Adventure Time!!! Thank you friends for being the group of people that kept me motivated. Your hard work and impact on students continues to inspire me. From late night adventures in the lower east side to sunrises on a beach in PR to “study” sessions in PLESS, yall have been a gem to spend real quality time with. Thank you for being my classmates, but more importantly my friends and support system throughout this journey.

Steph, your thoughtfulness exudes you. Thank you for always showering me in support and positive affirmation (#GinGin&CardQueen)
Jermaine, thank you for being my person and always being down for a spontaneous adventure.
John, thank you for pushing us to be vulnerable and honest, but also for being the life of any party!

I am beyond proud of all of you!! Congratulations!! I cannot wait to continue watching you flourish and succeed. <3

Forever your cheerleader,

Tysha_Vulcain_1_60.jpeg (1814×2419)

From Zachary Mazur to graduating student Agata Tumilowicz, (GSAS Comparative Literature PhD):

I can hardly say that I’m surprised, but you astound and impress me. You’ve accomplished so much more, I think, than either of us could have imagined when grad school was still something imaginary, left to the future. I have watched you overcome all those superhuman challenges along the harrowing roads of life. And with every trial, you found new ways to rise above them. Now you get wear those three letters, PhD, forever. On the other side of it all, we can put those hardships in the rear-view mirror and keep with us the shining warmth of your achievements. Congratulations! You’re amazing! I love you!”

From Aine Nakamura graduating from Gallatin School of Individualized Study, MA Program:

Aine E Nakamura is a singer, composer, and performing artist. She documented her rehearsal at a rehearsal space at NYU in November 2019 for the development of her thesis work. This is from a scene about ‘Night before War’: In a house of light, mother is telling her child a story, long people’s story, singing quietly and kindly even after the child’s asleep. Mother’s song reaches the quietness of night and deepness of lake beneath the warm kind moon.”

From Alima cromedy to graduating student Akeba Ibrahim, (online NYU school of Counseling. Master of school counseling):

“Today, my sister graduates from college, with what I am sure is a lot of fear and hope for the future. She is taking on the real world with confidence and skill, ready to start her career as a Guidance counselor.  After watching my sister fight through hardships in life and difficulties in school, I believe any dream is possible if you  want it enough. My sister showed me that I should never back down from my future  I should continuously take chances as she did through high, school and her college  Sage university. For the next next year, my sister’s success and accomplishments will continue to remind me the importance of dreaming and chasing and believing. For the next  year, I hope to be there for my sister in all the ways she was there for me. But if I can’t be, I know she will be okay. She is my younger sister, and she is a warrior.”

From Alexis Essome to graduating student Akeba Ibrahim, (School Counseling):

Congratulations Akeba I am so proud of you!
I know you will succeed and achieve all your dreams. Never give up and continue to always follow your dreams.
You worked hard in the four years of undergrad and I knew that you would make it through to grad school.
I wish you many years of luck and happiness
Alexis 💗
Congratulations to the class of 2020″

From Alana Akong graduating from Silver School of Social Work:

Thank you to my family for their endless support and encouragement!! I love you all!!”

From Katie Dropick to graduating student Alberto Apodaca, (Stern EMBA):

Congratulations Alberto!”

From Alena Nazarova, graduating from Silver School of Social Work/ Master in Social Work:

Congratulations, Class of 2020!!!”

From Alexander Ingram, graduating from Silver School of Social Work, MSW:

Anna, I could not be more proud of you. You pushed through endless amounts of sleepless nights and sacrifices. Never once being anything but grateful to be able to do so. Your commitment and passion to the success and happiness of others are unparalleled. I do not know another person, myself included, who deserves the gratifying feeling of accomplishment in this moment more. You did it! I love you – Alexander”

From Beth Utz to graduating student Alexander Utz, (Tisch School/Film &Television):

“Congratulations in graduating college at 19, Alexander Utz! We are so very proud of your accomplishments and look forward to your next chapter! We love you!”

From Corinne Cott to graduating student Alexandra Cott, (Steinhardt – MA Visual Arts Administration):

Alexandra, Your accomplishments have exceeded our wildest dreams. You have embraced graduate school as you did undergrad.You are curious & tenacious, ever so creative & disciplined. Your thirst for knowledge will never wane. You will succeed wherever your future career takes you. Congratulations on your M.A. in Visual Arts Administration. We are so very proud of you. All our love, from the sidewalk to the sky and beyond, Mom & Dad”

From Alexandrea Pike-Goff, graduating from Global Liberal Studies:

Thank you, mom and dad, for giving me the world! And to my grandparents, thank you for supporting my dreams. To the Liberal Studies Program, thank you for your support and guidance. I could not have made it here without you.”

From Avery and Sammi Yordy to graduating student Alexandria Sauder, (Tisch):

“Lexxi Lou!!! Wow! A college graduate! We are so so so proud of all the hard work you put in and for pushing through. You’ve overcome so much and we are so proud! Congrats girlie!!! Can’t wait to celebrate with you! Love you!”

From Skip and Jaime Sauder to graduating student Alexandria Sauder, (Tisch School of the Arts Drama):

“Alex, Congratulations!! We are in awe of all you accomplished during your 4 years at NYU. You are resilient, strong and brave. This last semester, you were even more resilient and perservered going to classes while fighting cancer. We are so proud of you!! While you are about to step into “new territory” again, if you ever start to feel small in the grand scheme of things, please remember this: you are irreplaceable and invaluable and miraculous!! Keep SHINING!!”

From Carol Orlando to graduating student Alexis Brandon, (Silver School of Social Work):

“Congratulations, Alexis, upon your graduation from NYU! You did an awesome job. The world will be a better place with all the goodness you will contribute to it. You’re awesome, my niece Alexis! I love you! – Aunt Carol”

From Michael Orlando & Shannon Grodotzks to graduating student Alexis Brandon, (Silver School of Social Work):

“Congratulations Alexis! We’re all so proud of you for graduating, especially to move on to a genuinely worthwhile field where you’ll be able to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Enjoy the moment!”

From Patti May chityo to graduating student Alexis Brandon, (Silver School of Social Work):

“Alexis—love you and of proud of you and what have accomplished! Change the world! Love you❤️ Aunt Patti, Uncle Richie & Nicole!”

From Adam and Shelley Egazarian to graduating student Alexis Egazarian, (College of Arts and Sciences):

“We are so proud of you Alexis! You kicked NYU’s butt with a 3.9+ avg while becoming NYC’s favorite DJ! We love you dearly and see great opportunities ahead for you. Love Mom, Dad and Aidan”

From Lee & Ed Lampo to graduating student Alexis Lampo, (NYU Steinhardt, Social Shakespeare Company):

Congratulations on your Masters Degree! With Love from Grandie & Pop-pops”

From Maame Buckman to graduating student Alexsis Nazaire-Gadzi, (Steinhardt and Applied Psychology):

I am so proud of you and all your accomplishments and wish nothing less than the best for you! Go take over the world babe!”

From Corliss Sow to graduating student Alicia Jamison, (Steinhardt/ Nutrition):

From Dana & Jamison, MD to graduating student Alicia Jamison, (Steinhardt/ Nutrition):

“Happy Birthday & Happy Graduation Alicia Jamison”

From Douglass Jamison to graduating student Alicia Jamison, (Steinhardt School, Nutrition Major):

“With love from the Parents.”

From Jacqueline Hill to graduating student Alicia Jamison, (Steinhardt School, Nutrition Major):

“What a glorious and blessed day this day is. As hard work & determination got you here, I’m confidant that from this day forward anything is possible. Your graduation is just another example of the incredible things you have done and can and will do. I am so very proud of you. Congratulations my dear Alicia JJ”

From Marcus Jamison to graduating student Alicia Jamison, (Steinhardt School, Nutrition Major):

“Go get’em!”

From Nikyra Moodley to graduating student Alicia Jamison, (Steinhardt School, Nutrition Major):

“To my superstar sister,

I am so proud of you, everything you’ve accomplished and the woman you’ve become since moving to New York. I can’t wait to keep growing, learning and thriving with you.
Cheers to the start of our medical school journey. I know we’ll cross that finish line hand in hand. Just like we started the race, two brown beautiful best friends forever killing the game, together!
I love you best friend!!
Nikyra Moodley ”

From Alisha Sheth, graduating from Steinhardt: Vocal Performance – Classical Voice:

This photo was taken during the rehearsal process of “Rags” the Steinhardt: Vocal performance mainstage in 2019. Left to right: Annie Dillion (2019), Kristen Fitzpatrick (2019), Alisha Sheth (2020), Rachel Wilson (2020).”

From Jackie Cordova-Almendra and Greg Butler to graduating student Alison Butler-Cordova, (Liberal Studies / Global Liberal Studies):

“Ali – Congratulations!! We are very proud of you, your accomplishments and the wonderful person that you have become. You have excelled by being an MLK Scholar and your year in Buenos Aires. You are loved always and we are here for you now and always. You have such a bright future ahead. Mommy, Daddy, Erin and Gigi”

From graduating student Alissa Paulison, (NYU Steinhardt Art Therapy Masters Program):

I am Alissa Paulison and I am graduating with a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy from NYU Steinhardt. I am so grateful for the experiences and knowledge that I have gained over these past two years in my classes, internships, and events. The NYU Art Therapy faculty has offered bounties of wisdom and knowledge, and my cohort members have inspired me throughout the entire two year journey! Thank you NYU and to the NYU Steinhardt Graduate Art Therapy Program!”

From Karen Paulison to graduating student Alissa Paulison, (NYU Steinhardt Art Therapy Masters Program):

Congratulations Alissa !!”

Karen_Paulison_Alissa_Paulison_1_60.jpg (1814×2419)

From Celeste Warr to graduating student Alix Byrd, (CAS ECONOMICS):


We are so very proud of your achievement. We know it was not easy and that it required a great deal of hard work and dedication.

We pray for your continued success in the future and a life filled with happiness, friendships, and most of all love.

You did it!

All Our Love,

Mom, Mark and Jason ”

From Stephanie Liu to All Graduates:

“Class of 2020 Graduates! Congratulations, you all have reached a huge milestone worth an immense amount of celebration. Although it may not have rolled out the way you wanted it to, but you still conquered such a huge feat., you made it to the finish line. Do something for yourself to celebrate! Focus on the good, and keep going! You got this!”

From Esperanza Lopez Rodriguez to All LL.M.’s , (LL.M.):

Thank you to all LL.M.’s for this great year! I wish I could have get to know all of you better and that we could all go partying to celebrate together! Lots of virtual smiles! Congratulations!”

From Jesse and James Peck to graduating student Allison Peck, (Silver, MSW):

Mum, We are so incredibly proud of you and all you have worked for in these past two years, and throughout our lives. Congratulations! We love you!”

From Chris Rascon to graduating student Allison Rascon, (Dental):

“Alli, I cannot put into words how proud I am of you. You are living proof that hard work and dedication can accomplish anything. I have no doubt in my mind that you will be successful. Not just in your future career but in every aspect of life. I love you so much and I am proud to call you my sister. No matter what life throws at you, you are always prepared to face any obstacle. You are the embodiment of how we were raised. You have a very bright future ahead of you. I wish we can be there in person to celebrate your hard work but just know we will more than make up for it in the future.

​​​With love from your brother,

From Rafael Yaniz to graduating student Allison Rascon, (Dental Program):

It feels like yesterday you first came into my life, a bright eyed little girl with a smile that could brighten any room. It was then I knew you were destined for greatness. Through the years you have lived up to all I envisioned and more. You are the definition of greatness. I could not be more proud. As you set forth on this new journey, continue to work hard and set the bar high. Never give up, because I will never give up on you. Your amazed and loving dad.”

From Lauren Yaniz to graduating student Allison Rascon, (NYU School of Dentistry):

Congratulations Alli! I am so proud of you becoming a dentist today. There is no one as driven and determined as you. Everyday I strive to be the woman that you have become. There is no doubt in my mind that you will continue to accomplish all of your goals. I love and miss you with all my heart!”

From Isbel Yaniz to graduating student Allison Rascon, (NYU Dentistry):

Today I celebrate you, Dr. Rascon, my Sweetpea. Congratulations to the absolute hands down strongest woman I will ever know. Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember and see back how far you came. I have seen you smiling, crying, fearing, stressing and being hopeless. But I always saw you fighting through all of these like a confident strong woman. Please always keep that confidence alive in you. I am beyond proud to call myself your Mom and of all your continued achievements. I love you so much. All your sincere efforts, hard work, all those sleepless nights have just paid off. Today my Sweetpea, Dr. Allison N. Rascon, graduates from NYU. You have more light in your soul than anyone I’ve ever known. You are my greatest gift and a gift to everyone who knows you. Alli you inspires me to be unapologetically myself in every way. You have taught me that I don’t have to be perfect by continually reminding me I’m perfect for you. Sweetpea you are so very full of love, true compassion, mindful determination, intelligence, purposeful leadership, deep wisdom, true beauty inside and out, hilarious sarcasm, feisty diplomatic reasoning, limitless talent, nonjudgmental awareness, relentless loyalty. Allison Nicole Rascon, you are my best friend and I pray to God that I can be half the person you are when I grow up. Hats off to you Alli, you did it. Congratulations! Be proud of yourself. I am so proud of you Dr. Rascon and congratulations to you on graduating! I love you my Sweetpea ❤️”

From Shari Tiriolo to graduating student Allyson Tiriolo, (Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Industrial/Organizational Psychology):

Congratulations, Ally Tiriolo on your NYU graduate school graduation! We are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. You have studied, learned and worked so hard and you are well prepared for your career at IBM. We wish you a lifetime of happiness, success and every dream come true.
Love Always, Mom, Dad & Griffin”

From Ahmet Karkas to graduating student Alper Karakas, (CAS, Economics (Honors)):

Bir tanecik oğlumuz Alper,
As you grow and mature, you’ve brought warmth to our hearts and smiles to our faces.

Now you’re graduating from college, having worked hard, being equipped with knowledge, experience, long-lasting friendships and lots of memories.

It’s now time to look forward and be hopeful, confident, and happy. We’re certainly extremely happy!

Deniz daha bembeyazken çıkıyorsun yola,
Git gidebildiğin yere.
Seni çok seviyoruz!

Anne ve Baba”

Alper_Karakas_1_60.jpg (2663×2041)

From Alvaro Quesada, graduating from Steinhardt – Counseling and Guidance:

My Name is Alvaro Hernan Quesada. I am currently accomplishing my dream of graduating as a Valedictorian with a Master of Arts in Counseling and Guidance from New York University – Steinhardt. My mother Elizabeth Quesada has been an inspirational figure in my life. Her sincere attitude and strong dedication made me the person I am now. She was a school Principal and leader of her Pre-k and Elementary school she used to serve, in Cali, Colombia. Her commitment as a Principal made her aware of the many issues Children, Parents, and families face in Education. My mother took the necessary steps to ensure the excellent Education standards for her students. I found this to be very valuable indeed in my career as a School Counselor. Especially by having that wonderful and respected lady in my life, I am honor and privilege to graduate from New York University. Thank You.”

From Alyana Tan to graduating student Alyssa Mae Tan, (School of Public Health, MPH Global Health):

Congratulations, Shobe! We are immensely proud of you with what you’ve achieved and with how much you’ve grown. We admire the hard work you’ve put in, and we are excited for the greater heights and the bigger milestones you surely have ahead. Cheers to your journey! We love you very much.”

From Jackson C. Gomes to graduating student Alyssa O’Shea, (NYU Steinhardt Grad MAT, Teacher Residency Secondary Education):

From Tim O’Shea to graduating student Alyssa O’Shea, (NYU Steinhardt Grad MAT, Teacher Residency Secondary Education:

Dear Alyssa,
Congratulations on the completion of your master’s program. Dad and I are so proud and in awe of your ambition, drive, and success completing your Master’s program and pursuing your dream of becoming a Special Education teacher. With your desire to help anyone in need and the interest you have in helping others succeed in life, we know that you will have a profound affect on the children fortunate enough to have you as their teacher. We wish you much success in your future. We love you so much. Love, Mom and Dad”

From Joan Shapiro to graduating student Alyssa O’Shea, (NYU Steinhardt Grad MAT Teacher Residency Secondary Education):

Alyssa, Uncle Jody and I are incredibly proud of you as you graduate. We look back at your journey and all of your accomplishments and congratulate you once again. You have always been our shining star and we love you. Looking forward to the next chapter.”

From Barbara Sueko McGuire to graduating student Alyssa O’Shea, (NYU Steinhardt Grad MAT Teacher Residency Secondary Education):

Congratulations Littles!!! I am so proud of you!”

From Shannon & Sean O’Shea to graduating student Alyssa O’Shea, (NYU Steinhardt Grad MAT Teacher Residency Secondary Education):

“We are so proud of you! It seems like yesterday that we were celebrating your graduation from Quinnipiac. Now you are moving on up in the world and kicking ass! Love, Shannon & Sean”

From Lauren & Chris O’Shea to graduating student Alyssa O’Shea, (NYU Steinhardt Grad MAT Teacher Residency Secondary Education):

We are so proud of your accomplishment. Graduate school is just a stepping stone for your next big leap, and we look forward to watching you continue to grow and shine. Much love, Chris, Lauren, & Phoebe”

From Genevieve See-Tho to graduating student Alyssa See-Tho, (NYU Tisch School of Art/BFA):

“Congratulations Alyssa and the Class of 2020! We are bottling this moment of tremendous JOY and PRIDE.
Alyssa, continue to infuse kindness, hard work, enthusiasm, beauty and talent in all you do. You are unique in the most brilliant sense of that word and have everything you need to create your own path. Go forward with that brilliant smile and with love, peace and music in your heart. We love you❣️”

From Gerry Igtanloc to graduating student Alyssa See-Tho, (Tisch School of Arts):

“Congratulations Alyssa! Love, The Iggys.
“Make each day your masterpiece.”” – John Wooden “”

From Keiko, Matt, Aya & Toshi to graduating student Alyssa See-Tho, (Tisch School of Arts Dramatic Writing):

“Dear Alyssa,
Congratulations! We are so proud of your many accomplishments at NYU! More is yet to come! Continue following your heart — we will always be your cheerleaders!
Keiko, Matt, Aya & Toshi”

From Wilke See-Tho to graduating student Alyssa See-Tho, (Tisch School of the Arts, Dramatic Writing):

From Jaime Fittipaldi to graduating student Amanda Durante, (Silver School of Social Work):

From Kaitlyn McClintock to graduating student Amanda Durante, (Silver School of Social Work):

“Congratulations on becoming a master, Amanda Grace!!! I’m so proud of you, you are going to be an incredible social worker and I can’t wait to be by your side through this new chapter! Love you!! ❤️”

Kaitlyn_McClintock-_Amanda_Durante_1_60.jpeg (1814×2419)

From Dena Capparelli to graduating student Amanda Durante, (Silver School of Social Work):

“Congratulations to my best friend!! I am so beyond proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished. You make me proud every day and I can’t wait to see everything you’re going to do in the future! Happy graduation! Amanda Durante, MSW💙”

Dena_Capparelli_Amanda_Durante_1_60.jpg (1814×2419)

From Elizabeth Durante to graduating student Amanda Durante, (Silver School of Social Work):

“Behind you all your memories. Before you all your dreams. Around you all who love you. Within you all you need. Amanda we are so proud of all your accomplishments. Shoot for the stars! We love you! Mom & John ❤️❤️”

From Laurie Lanza to graduating student Amanda Elise Lanza, (TISCH School Of The Arts / BFA Theatre):

“So proud of you! Love Mom! XOXO”

From Gloria McDowell to graduating student Amanda McDowell, (CAS / Arts in English Literature):

“Amanda, Congratulations on your graduation as a first generation college graduate! You did it!! We are so proud of all your determination and hard work these past 4 years! You’re officially an alumni of New York University! We wish you all the happiness and success as you begin the next chapter of your life’s journey. Love you forever and always! Dad, Mom, and Rachel xo”

From Joyce Marchetti to graduating student Amanda McDowell, (CAS/English Literature):

“It seems like yesterday when we dropped you off in NY. What a fun time we had seeing the city with you. I will never forget it. We are so proud of you and all your accomplishments. It’s your giant step into the future. We love you, to infinity and beyond. xo”

From Caitlinn Riedell to graduating student Amanda Vione (NYU Steinhardt and Childhood / Special Education): 

“CONGRATS TO MY BEST FRIEND / ROOMIE! I am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. You will be one of the best teachers and those kids are so blessed to have you as their teacher. You are kind, funny, determined and the list goes on! Cheers to the next chapter!

Love you always,

From Elizabeth Philipp to graduating student Amanda Vione (NYU Steinhardt and Childhood / Special Education): 

“Congratulations, Amanda! We’re so proud of you. You’ve worked hard and are a great teacher. The future is bright! We love you, Aunt Liz, Uncle Dave, Andrew, Nicholas & Katherine”

From Samantha Dragotto to graduating student Amanda Vione (NYU Steinhardt, Childhood/Special Education):

From Odochi Ndukwe Dr. to graduating student Amarachi Ozioma Ndukwe, (B.Sc in Biology & Global Health):

This is a monumental time in your life and in the family!
As a family We celebrate you Amy Amara for charting out your own course for Pre-med and making a good success of it : becoming the first LANDU to earn an American Bachelors Degree!!
Thanks be to God who causes you to triumph continuously in Christ Jesus name, Amen! and has given us reason to celebrate in joy your accomplishments, successes and resiliency in this times : Irrespective of the 2020 situation.

From: Mum, Dad & Sib-Stars –
Odochi, Ihemelandu, Uzo , Ihedi, Enddie, Ihuaku, Chiso, Chin (THE LANDUS)”

From Arielle Jones to graduating student Amber Walker, (Grad school of arts and sciences – Journalism):

“GO AMBER!!!!! I couldn’t be more proud of you. Continue to thrive in all you do!”

From Reid Clark to graduating student Amber Walker, (Journalism):

“Amber I am so proud of you. You are such an inspiration with your charming, intellectual, and pulchritudinous self. You are so intellectual that you probably know what pulchritudinous means and so charming that you won’t make me feel bad for having to look it up. I just wanted to put one modicum of effort into this that you put into your degree. I love you. Congratulations”

From Shanice Borders to graduating student Amber Walker, (Journalism):

“Amber, thank you for your immense bravery. It takes guts to wholeheartedly pursue a dream and I’ve watched you grow immensely on your journey to becoming the version of yourself. You are a pioneer for young black girls who dream of going into journalism and they’re looking to you to open doors for them that we’ve only imagined. I love you and can’t wait to see how you change our world with the power of your truth.”

From Stacy Newell to graduating student Amber Walker, (Master in journalism):

“Congratulations to my daughter Amber Walker class of 2020 so very proud of all your accomplishments”

From Ayesha to graduating student Amun:

“Amun you make me proud! Rember life is a journey not a destination. So,cherish every moment, make it what you want & aspire to be the best version of your self. You have the power to invent the life you want. Love, believe, live <3 Congrats!”

From Catherine Chen to graduating student Amy Huang, (CAS, Economics):

Hey Amy,

Thanks for a fantastic year, even if our time together was cut short. I’m truly grateful to have had you as an RA and friend.

I still remember panicking on Move-In Day because the move-in team abandoned me on our floor right before the elevator button stopped working. Tragic. But, around the corner, there you appeared– a godsent! I’m pretty sure that makes you my first friend I made at NYU, hah!

Whether it’s running through the rain to buy baking ingredients or trying not to get blown off the Vessel at sunset, so many of my best memories this year were with you. Thanks for always being there, for the small things and the big. Knowing there was a friendly face and a shoulder to lean on really made Lipton feel more like a home away from home.

Congratulations, and I wish you all the best!


P.S. This was the poster in the lobby during midterms last semester. It brought a smile to my face then, and I hope it’ll bring you one now.

From Consuelo Ordóñez to graduating student Ana Rincón, (Law School LLM):

From Camilo Mutis to graduating student Ana-Maria Rincón, (Law School LLM):

“Mi amor mio te felicito! Eres una dura y estoy muy orgulloso del logro que hoy alcanzas. Espero estar el resto de nuestras vidas a tu lado para celebrar todos los triunfos que vienen. Te amo con todo mi corazón.”

From Anastasiya Karavan, graduating from NYU Abu Dhabi, Economics:

“To my partner in crime from high school exchange and through four years of college. The best is yet to come!”

From Nevin, Mik, & Mommy to graduating student Anderia O’Garro, (SPS/ HR Development):

“CONGRATULATIONS ANDERIA!!!! This is a fantastic accomplishment, you’ve worked tirelessly to succeed. We’re very proud of you, and know you’re destined for more, and are behind you all the way. We love you ever so much, and wish the best for you going forward. LOVE & BLESSINGS ALL THE WAY!!!
💐💐💐🎓🎓🎓 🎉 🎉 🎉”

From Jaxx Artz to graduating student Andrew Han, (Steinhardt, Global Public Health and Applied Pyschology):

“Andrew, I have loved knowing you the past 4 years of NYU. You make everything fun and push me to work hard AND play hard. I will always be grateful for your friendship and for helping me get back on the horse last semester (wink wink). I can’t wait until we’re back in the city together and can go on more outings and adventures. Love, Jaxx”

From Stephen Lichtenauer to graduating student Andrew Lichtenauer, (Stern MBA):

“Congratulations on your NYU Stern MBA Andrew!
What a year it’s been – we’re so proud of you!
Love, Mom & Dad”

From Daniela Blanco to graduating student Andrew Olsen, (NYU Tandon, Chemical Engineering):

“Thank you for being an amazing friendmigo! I miss you already!”

From Benjamin Rizkin to graduating student Andrew Olsen, (Polytechnic, Materials Science and Engineering, PhD):

“What can I say here besides “Go Turtle Head Jabroni”?

From Franci Chauca to graduating student Andrew Rozumiko, (SPS-Enterprise Risk Management):

“Congrats to Incredible Drew! You DID it!!”

From Joli Semon to graduating student Andrew Rozumiko, (SPS-Enterprise Risk Management):

“Congratulations on your graduation Drew! The boys and I are so proud of you and what you have accomplished. Never forget how awesome you are and how much we love you!”

From Jillian Semon to graduating student Andrew Rozumiko, (SPS-Enterprise Risk Management):

“Drew we are so proud of you. Your hard work paid off and Theo and Landon can aspire to be as hardworking as you! We love you and congrats!! HJ, Jill, Lucy and Nate”

From Callie Hirsch to graduating student Andrew Rozumiko, (SPS-Enterprise Risk Management):

“Congratulations Drew! You are such a pleasure to work with. I hope you stick around and use your new found knowledge and skills with us! So proud of your success!”

From Kristin England to graduating student Andrew Rozumiko, (SPS-Enterprise Risk Management):

“Congratulations on this huge accomplishment! We are so proud of all your hard work! We can’t wait to see what you will do next! We will wave some glow sticks in your honor!

Love: Kristin, Chris, Mason and Charley ”

From Joanne Semon to graduating student Andrew Rozumiko, (SPS-Enterprise Risk Management):

“Drew, although this isn’t how we pictured your graduation day, you have worked diligently and deserve to be celebrated. Please remember that behind you are countless memories, before you are all your dreams, around you are those who unconditionally love you, and within you is all you need to succeed. We know the road ahead will be an exciting one filled with wonderful opportunities. Congratulations on receiving your Master’s Degree. We are very proud of your accomplishments. With love, MIL and FIL 🎓”

From Joe and Jackie Hunt to graduating student Andrew Rozumiko, (SPS-Enterprise Risk Management):

“Congratulations Drew!!! We have watched you work through this entire process balancing school, work and life. You deserve this! We are so proud of you.”

From Tania Murano to graduating student Andrew Rozumiko, (SPS-Enterprise Risk Management):

“Congrats to my brother in making it this far! All your hard work, sleepless nights, and making coffee your best friend has finally paid off! I’m so proud of you! Love ya! Cheers!”

From Linda Greenshields to graduating student Andrew Rozumiko, (SPS-Enterprise Risk Management):

“Congratulations Andrew! I am so happy and excited for you!”

From Julia Khamis to graduating student Andrew Rozumiko, (SPS-Enterprise Risk Management):

“Congratulations Andrew! I am not surprise at this accomplishment. I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew for more than 5 years and Andrew is motivated , committed and, a team player who puts his heart into everything he does. It is a pleasure to work with Andrew and wish him all the best.”

From Francesca Fonte to graduating student Andrew Rozumiko, (SPS-Enterprise Risk Management):

“Congratulations Andrew!! This is a huge accomplishment! Your hard work paid off and that makes us all so happy for you!! Love, Fran, Emma, Joe, Maria, and (Andy boy) Lou!”

From John & Maria Kanaras to graduating student Andriana Kanaras, (Liberal Studies, Global Liberal Studies):

“To Our Dearest Andie,
We are so very proud of the woman you have become and what you have accomplished! As you begin this next chapter in your life, we encourage you to continue to be genuine and true to whom you are!! Take the road less traveled – it may be bumpy at time, but it will enable you to realize your hopes and dreams. Finally, “live your life by a compass, not a clock” and try to leave the world a little better than you found it!
We love you with all our hearts, Babba and Mom”

From Amalia & Stelio Kanaras to graduating student Andriana Kanaras, (Liberal Studies, Global Liberal Studies):

“Congrats Sis! You have worked so hard to get to this milestone. We are confident that your courage and determination will take you far in life. We couldn’t be more proud of you! Love you, Amalia & Stelio”

Amalia__Stelio_Kanaras-Andriana_Kanaras_60.jpeg (2419×1814)

From Andry Torres, graduating from Silver School of Social Work:

“To my loving family and individuals who supported me the most throughout this amazing journey! I will forever have you in my heart.”

From Mary Sheehan to graduating student Angela Hallinan, (Graduate school of arts and sciences Master in Museum Studies):

“I am so proud of your journey at NYU over the last two years. You met multiple challenged head-on and have done fabulous! Love you forever Mom”

From Angelia Smith graduating from SPS Social Sciences:

“I am so happy and grateful! Thank God I made it!”

Angelia_Smith_1_60.jpg (1978×2472)

From Gregory Smith to graduating student Angelia Smith, (Social Sciences/Psychology):

“I wish to congratulate Angelia Smith, my loving big sister, on her accomplishments in achieving her degree in Social Sciences/Psychology at School of Professional Studies (SPS). Angelia is industrious, dedicated, intelligent, forthright and a true believer. I gain my strength through her commitment to success and out right perseverance in everything that she sets out to do. This is indeed a remarkable achievement as it marks the resurgence of a journey started a while back. Whilst it may have a period of dormancy in the physical sense, it was at no time dormant in the mindset of Angelia to complete it once and for all. I believe that we are witnessing the rise of a true academic and I pray that Angelia sees this as one more step in her journey to do even greater things. Thanks big sister, Adrienne and I wish you all the best and support you in everything you do.
Dr. Gregory and Mrs. Adrienne Smith ”

From Adalberto A Rodriguez to graduating student Angelica M. Rodriguez, (Bachelor of Arts in Economics / Media, Culture and Communications):


Adalberto_A_Rodriguez_-_Angelica_M._Rodriguez_1_59.jpg (4764×6166)

From Susan and David Harney to graduating student Anne E. Harney, (NYU Steinhardt of Culture, Education, and Human Development):

“Congratulations Anne E. Harney
We are very proud of you! From when you were younger, to this very day, Hard Work, Passion, and Excellence, have guided you in all you do. It’s been a joy to watch you grow and achieve so much these past years.
Anne, you are special and your determination is exemplary. Wishing you all the best.
With love and pride today and always,
Love You Forever,
Mom and Dad xoxoxo”

From Center for Student Life to graduating student Anne Harney, (Steinhardt – Higher Education Student Affairs):

“Congratulations on your well-deserved success! We couldn’t be happier for you as you begin your next adventure! -Center for Student Life”

From Anne Assaf to graduating student Antoine Assaf, (Tandon – computer science major/economics minor):

“”Congratulations on your well-deserved success Antoine! I am SO proud of you and your accomplishments ! It is an impressive achievement that you can also be proud of. You deserve the best always. Keep believing in yourself. The sky is the limit !
With all my love.”

From Debra Mastronardi to graduating student Antonio Vazquez, (Stern – Finance and Management):

“Congratulations, Antonio! We are all so very proud of you and your many accomplishments over the last four years at NYU! We wish you all the best in your continued adventures in NYC! All our love, Mom, Dad and Sabrina”

From Naina Dey to graduating student Antoripa Dey, (College of Arts and Science; Journalism, Social and Cultural Analysis):

Congratulations on your achievement! Wishing you all the success and happiness the world has to offer. Follow your dreams but embrace wonder, experience unexpectedness, and unveil the unknown. Don’t think of always making a change. Think of the possibility of making a difference. May your intelligence and grit, and your dry, wicked humor be your driving force. Remember “”there are no regrets in life. Just lessons.”” And never forget, we all love you!

With love and pride today and always,
Mom, Dad and Promit”


From Juliet Huang to graduating student Anuj Menta, (Computer Science MS-CEI):

“I am so happy to have you as my good friend in my second year at NYU! Let’s still hang out and grab yummy Indian food when you become a billionaire. I know you will! Best of luck and lots of love!”

From Ari Levine, graduating from D.D.S.:

“The greatest achievement my grandfather says of his career is seeing four generations of patients waiting in his waiting room. I am excited to become a 3rd generation dentist and continue to practice compassion and passion with my father. ”

Ari_Levine_3_59.jpg (2209×3313)

From Jeff Levine to graduating student Ari Levine, (Dental school):

From Melvin Cohen to graduating student Ari Levine, (Dental school):

From Sari Apfel to graduating student Ari Levine, (Dental school):

From Sheryl Levine to graduating student Ari Levine, (Dental school):

From Aria Dandawate, graduating from NYU Tandon School of Engineering:

“In my time at NYU I’ve really grown into a stronger, more confident, and curious person and while I will miss being a student, I will truly be proud of being an alumni of the school and my program! Taking my new found passion for Computational Biology, I feel extremely prepared to go forward with full force into the future!!”

From Ariana Elmayan, graduating from Steinhardt:

“Congratulations, Ariana Elmayan, immensely talented artist and 2020 graduate of NYU’s Steinhardt School, Department of Art and Art Professions. We’re all so very proud of what you’ve accomplished as a graduate student of this dynamic and forward-thinking program. As you graduate and begin your career, we know you’ll expand the minds and hearts of your students, inspiring them in art and social justice. You hold tremendous power in your hands, and we’re sure you’ll use it to promote creativity and new ways of seeing the world —just like so many of the artists you admire. Remember these words from Jean-Michel Basquiat: “At that point, [an artist] was somebody who could draw, but my ideas have changed since then. Now I see an artist as something a lot broader than that.” Good luck, and always remember how much you are loved and admired. Mom, Dad, and Lara”

From Lorrie Whitfield, Esq. to graduating student Ariel R. McAphee, (Steinhardt School, M.A. in Music Business):

From Christine Hyun to graduating student Arleigh Davis, (Steinhardt MCC):

“Arleigh, I love you so incredibly much and am so proud of you!! Your story of strength, courage, and resilience is nothing short of phenomenal and I am so inspired by you. You truly worked so hard to get to where you are and deserve the absolute best! Your genuine heart, talent, dedication and passion for everything you do is going to take you so far in life and I cannot wait to cheer you on! Thank you for being the most incredible friend and blessing in my life. From our crazy senior year antics, to countless days in Bobst, to 305 classes, and every single moment spent together, I cannot imagine it all without you by my side. You bring so much love and light into the lives of everyone around you and I have no doubt you will continue to do so. Congratulations, I love you forever!!!”

From Vertus vielot to graduating student Arlene vielot, (Tisch Performance Studies):

“Congratulations, I am as proud as an uncle could be for this achievement that you have attained for yourself. The world is your canvas for you to paint the picture that you want to see. Create a life and image that always makes you proud when you look in the mirror. That is the only obligation that you have. Make yourself happy while holding the ideal of only doing to others as you would want done to you. Your a rockstar, so rock on!”

From Lisa Arce to graduating student Arturo Arce, (Steinhardt: Nutrition & Dietetics/Minor Psychology):

“Congratulations son your hard work, dedication, and fierceness has given you the strength to push through. You are brilliant, smart, and courageous. Cherish the memories this is only the beginning. We are so proud of you. Thank you NYU for inspiring our son.”

From Ronald Belfon to graduating student Asha John, (Steinhardt Educational theatre):

“I have had the great pleasure to call you many things through out the years some prompted well deserved punches in the arm while others earned hugs. Being called your friend is one of the proudest moments anyone could ever achieve. Those who have had the pleasure to know Asha John. Knows there is no way to sum up who she is and what she’s accomplished without it sounding as if your bragging to be in the presence of her infectious Aura, Staunch Heart, and Astounding personality. Congratulations on your graduation and on achieving each goal you have set infront of you. Each one higher than the last. Due to your unwavering dedication and perseverance this is only the begining of your journey I am proud of you and, how you have navigated the bumps in the road and never losing sight of your dreams. Just remember never stop being the amazing person you are.”

From Asher Jay Arce graduating from NYU Wagner, MPA Health Policy and Management:

“Thank you to my family and friends.
Special thanks to my mom and dad.
Love you guys!”

From Caroline Taveras to graduating student Ashley Desmarair, (Steinhardt-Bilingual Education):

From Zora Middleton to graduating student Ashley Desmarair, (Steinhardt-Bilingual Education):

“Gracias a Dios que elegí el mejor asiento durante la orientación. Me alegro de haberte conocido. Me encanta todo sobre ti.To the best 6th grade SciMatics teacher in the business, congratualations on your success!”

From Sindy Nuesi to graduating student Ashley Desmarair, (Steinhardt-Bilingual Education):

“Thank you for the years of friendship and love. You have been a teacher all your life, as you have taught us all what it means to be determined, hardworking and most of all – a genuinely amazing person. We love you and we are so proud of you!”

From Jeremy Rosa to graduating student Ashley Ramirez, (Social Work):

“Congratulations Ashley !!! I wish you all the best. You worked hard and got through thick and thin. Love you”

From George Ramirez to graduating student Ashley Ramirez, (Social Work):

“Congratulations my love. I’m so happy and proud for you. You have reached the end of your journey and am so glad I have been there for you every step of the way. I will always be here for you honey. Love you. Dad..”

From Cynthia Maglione to graduating student Athena Maglione, (College of arts and sciences):

“Congratulations Athena we are so proud of you and we wish you all the happiness in the world. We love you Daddy, Mommy and Niko
Pebbles and Blu also want to say congrats ❤️”

From Terence and Leslie Archer to graduating student Aubrey Archer, (Steinhardt):

“To be a parent, is to be blessed and highly favored by God. It’s a special gift which should be cherished and honored.

Aubrey, as we reflect on your life, we thank God for the privilege of being your parents. The Lord has given you the spirit of tenacity, resilience and discernment. You’ve stayed the course; always paying attention to details and eliminating distractions. We have learned through prayer that these are qualities of a wise person. You are a young man of character and integrity; proving that obedience brings insight and peace.

Dad and I are proud of your accomplishments, but most of all, we honor your heart. We look forward to seeing what great things God has in store for you.

We Love You Aubrey!
Dad and Mom”

From Aubrey Archer, graduating from Steinhardt and Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness:

“To be a parent is to be blessed and highly favored by God. It’s a special gift which should be cherished and honored. Aubrey, as we reflect on your life thus far, we thank God for the privilege of being your parents. The Lord has given you the spirit of tenacity, resilience and discernment. You’ve stayed the course; always paying attention to details and eliminating distractions. We have learned through prayer that these are the qualities of a wise person. You are a young man of character and integrity; proving that obedience and honesty bring insight and peace. Dad and I are proud of your accomplishments, but most of all, we honor your heart. We look forward to seeing what great things God has in store for you. We Love You, Aubrey!”

Aubrey_Archer_1_60.jpg (3110×2074)

From Evelyn Krieger and Brond Larson to graduating student Audrey Larson, (Tisch/Film & Television):

“We are so proud of who you’ve become and where you are headed. Love Mom & Dad.”

From Jaxx Artz to graduating student Audrey McCabe, (Global Liberal Studies, Law Ethics and Religion):

“Audrey Marion McCabe I am so happy to have met you in Paris. You quickly became one of my closest friends because you are one of the weirdest people I have ever met, once you get past that polite exterior. We’ve had so many adventures together, from Paris to New York, Soapology to Cubbyhole, that I can’t imagine a life without you in it. I miss you and can’t wait until I hear your drunk Minnesota accent again. Love, Jaxx”

From Rick Maeda to graduating student Austin Gregory, (Stern. Business.):

“Dear sexy Austin,
Thank you for the past 4 years. From Day 1 of Welcome Week to adopting our first child together (pictured) to our unexpected last day of classes, I have always appreciated what you bring to this world as a person (i.e. your vibes bro). Thank you for being such a wonderful person in my life. See you soon in NY once we start work xx
Rick ”

From Carol Samuels to graduating student Autumn Samuels, (Media, Communications & Culture; Minors in Digital Art & Design, Business, Entertainment, Media & Technology):

“Congratulations Autumn! So proud of you, graduating from NYU’s Steinhardt Media, Communications and Culture program and is double minoring in Business, Entertainment and Technology, and Digital Art & Design. Since accepting your application to courageously study in London your freshman year, you have taken on so many amazing opportunities and internships! Your adventurous and ambitious spirit never cease to astonish myself and everyone who meets you! So proud of all your accomplishments, including running your first fashion show last year, recently better exploring your design talents, and, best of all, being the best daughter! As the mini Carrie Bradshaw of NYU’s Her Campus, your 100% do-all spirit shines out in everything you do! Can’t wait to see you in Vogue one day, city girl!”

From Ajay Saraf to graduating student Ayuj Saraf, (Stern school of business – Finance & Statistics):

“Congratulations on your graduation my son. You have worked hard to be here. Now is the time to turn your dreams into reality. We wish your future life to be very successful, beautiful and colorful. We are proud of you and God bless you! Dad, mom and Avs”

From Kimberly & Jeff Baumgarten to graduating student Bailey Baumgarten, (C.A.S. Classics /Anthropology Major):

“Bailey- Your hard work and dedication over these past 4 years has earned you a degree from one of the top Universities. This is one more milestone to realizing your dreams. Don’t forget to thank those that were there for you during your time at college: caffeine, take out at NYC’s best restaurants and Google. We are so proud of you and your accomplishments!
Love, Mom & Dad”

From Eviee Lakomy to graduating student Bart Lakomy, (American Journalism):

“Congratulations Bart!
We love you so much and we are so proud of you!”

From Ashley Almario to graduating student Bartlomiej Lakomy, (NYU College of Dentistry):

“Bart, I am so proud of everything you have accomplished. Congratulations to you and the Class of 2020. Cheers! Love always, Ashley”

From Gulsah Hanceliogullari to graduating student Basak Hancerliogullari, (NYU School of Law LL.M.):

“Basak, my beautiful inside and out and smart sister! We are very proud of all of your achievements as your family! You have represented whole Turkey at NYU School of Law! You have always been someone with great dreams and great successes. I wish you the best in your future career and your life! I am pleased to share with the whole world that you are the best sister ever, and you are the best role model for your nephews and nieces. CONGRATULATIONS!!!”

From Susi Zabalza to graduating student Beatriz Ciordia, (Master in International Relations):

“Que sigas así de reina. Te quieren mucho, la Susi y el Alfredo”

From Carmen Arroyo Nieto to graduating student Beatriz Ciordia, (Master in International Relations):


From Carmen Arroyo Nieto to graduating student Beatriz Ciordia, (Master in International Relations):

“Enhorabuena, Bea!! Forever así ❤️”

From Justin Leider to graduating student Becca Marbach, (Silver School of Social Work, MSW):

“Congratulations Becca!!!! You did it!!!! It was an honor being your peer, classmate, and friend these last two years. Thank you for all your support and for telling me from the very beginning that it was going to be ok. Grad school was a wild ride, but you were right! Everything somehow turned out ok. I am immeasurably happy and grateful to have met you, and I am so proud of you and all your hard work. Your clinical insight, community-building efforts, and leadership initiatives were invaluable, impressive, and inspirational for so many of us. You made this program much, much brighter. I know that it was a stressful two years, but you made it through. Not only that, you crushed it! Your ambition, intuition, energy, dedication, and compassion are wholly unmatched! Thank you for everything that you do, and I can’t wait to see what you do next. And I want to personally thank you for getting lunch with me on that first day of orientation and letting me get to know you right from the start. I love you so much! I am clapping and jumping for joy in celebration of you and your wonderful accomplishments. You’re going to be great out there! Love, Justin”

Justin_Leider_Becca_Marbach_1_60.jpeg (1814×2419)

From Kristin Balicki to graduating student Becky Hodge, (Steinhardt–Food Studies M.A.):

“I don’t know what has been better: working with you these last three years or getting to know you for the fantastic human you are these last three years. Thank you for all you have done for visiting students on campus and for all the foodie tips, recipes, and good eats. We are so proud of you!”

From Julia McNeill to graduating student Bela Kirpalani, (CAS, History):

“Congratulations on graduating, Bela! I’m so proud of all of your hard work and success this year. Thank you for supporting me as we worked through our final classes together, and I can’t wait to remain by your side through so many more great times in the future. You’re amazing, and we all love you so much! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ”

From Ellie Leggett to graduating student Bella Teerlink, (Steinhardt, MCC):

“Bella, I cannot put into words how proud of you I am! You have got through 4 (3.7) years of NYU and you have come out of it a strong, beautiful, intelligent, caring and hilarious woman! Without you my NYU experience wouldn’t be half as good! So here, take a thank you and a congratulations! I love you lots well done xxx”

From Sue Wasserman to graduating student Ben Wasserman, (Master’s in Cinema Studies):

“Ben Wasserman
Congratulations on receiving your Masters in Cinema Studies from NYU. We are so incredibly proud of all that you have accomplished – excelling at school while writing and editing for multiple publications. Your love of film and writing has no bounds and we cannot wait to see what your future holds!
We love you.
Mom, Dad and Jack”

From Sarah Chai to graduating student Benjamin Chai, (College of Arts & Science / Major: Political Science / Minor: Sociology):

“To our awesome son and brother Ben Chai – congratulations on not just the last 4 years but also for giving your best in everything you do!  We are so proud of you and excited to see what the future holds for you.
Love, Your Family”

From Daniela Blanco to graduating student Benjamin Rizkin, (NYU Tandon, Chemical Engineering):

“To my very first friend at Tandon, the most brilliant student of them all! Congrats Benito!! Will miss you so much!”

From Larry and Judy Kaplan Weinger to student Benjamin Weinger, (Gallatin):

“Dear Ben–You found a great environment at NYU. Your studies and achievements have created a healthy climate for your future. We love you. Mom and Dad!!”

From Bridget Torres to graduating student Bernie Torres, (Tisch School of the Arts Film and Television):

“Bernie, you are an exceptional human being, and have accomplished so much! I can’t wait to see where life takes you next! Love you, Bridget”

From Deborah Torres to graduating student Bernie Torres, (Tisch Film and Television):

“Bernie, we are so proud of you & all you accomplished at NYU. No dream is too big or too far out of reach. Love Mom & Dad”

Deborah_Torres_-_Bernie_Torres_60.png (794×1060)

From Richard Dweck to graduating student Bert Dweck, (SPS Schack Institute of Real Estate):

“Dear Bert Dweck,

Congratulations on this special momentous accomplishment! Graduating NYU with Honors!
We are so proud of you for all your hard work, dedication and perseverance. You always push yourself to achieve your ultimate goal! We have no doubt that you will be a great asset to the business and professional community. May GOD bless you on your journey with health, happiness and success!
You are number one!!!

Mom and Dad
(Gloria and Richie Dweck)”

From Brandi Long-Frank, graduating from School of Professional Studies, Publishing: Digital and Print Media:

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.“ -Maya Angelou

From Nemcy Duran to graduating student Brandon Diaz, (Tandon School of Engineering/Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering):

“To my dearest son, Brandon,

May 20,2020, marks a very important day in your life because you are now an Alumnus of New York University. Congratulations! We are all very proud of you. Our family has now a Mechanical Engineer. When this pandemic is over, we will have a grand celebration. May God always protect you and bless you.

Love from all of us,
Mom, Daddy Jeff, Constantine, Nico, Lola and Lolo, Mahi, and the entire family.”

From Brandon Halpin, graduating from College of Arts and Science – B.A. in Computer Science:

“Thank you to everyone who helped me get to where I am today. Thanks to all of the amazing professors, TAs, tutors, and staff at NYU, to the many friends I’ve made along the way, and the city I’ve grown to love over the past four years. Thanks to all of my family members, my friends at home, and above all to my father, and my mother in Heaven. Mom, I wish you could be here to see me in person, but I know you’ll always be with me, and I’ll always make you proud. I’ve learned so much at NYU, and I’ll carry that knowledge with me for the rest of my life.”

From Yamile Nazario to graduating student Brandon Nazario, (Steinhardt- Media, Culture, & Communication/Marketing):

From Christina Roberts to graduating student Brandon Roberts, (Stern School of Business):

“My Dear Brandon, Congratulations, you did it! Your Dad and I can’t be any prouder of you in this moment. May God continue to bless you and give you favor in all of your future endeavors. Continue to trust the process and just know “”that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus””.(Php 1:6) Now go forth and be great!
Love, Mom and Dad”

Christina_Roberts-_Brandon_Roberts_1_60.jpeg (745×1613)

From Brenda Shah, graduating from NYU Dentistry – Doctor of Dental Surgery Program:

“Congrats Class of 2020!”

IMG_3350_-_Brenda_Shah_60.jpg (3600×2400)

From Brian Delaney, graduating from Stern Langone MBA:

“Mom, Dad, and Emily,

I could not have done this without your tremendous support. I love you more than words can describe, numbers can count and the forever growing universe can discover. Thank you.

Forever yours,


Brian_Delaney_1_60.jpg (2419×1814)

From Edgar Benavides to graduating student Brian Edward Libed, (Wagner / EMPA):

“Congratulations on this tremendous milestone in your life, Brian. It started with a wish and a dream, and look where you are now and what you had achieved and accomplished.
With your strong determination, perseverance and hard work, you did it! I am so very proud of you.
To quote Nelson Mandela, “It always seems impossible until it’s done”.
Once again, congratulations on your graduation!

Edgar, MPA (Wagner ‘10)”

From George Legaspi to graduating student Brian Libed, (EMPA – Nurse Leaders):

“This description summarizes brian to a T – an olympic gold medalist in the All Around Gymnastics competion ! He just doesnt excel in one apparatus as a person, but all aspects of it – social, emotional, spiritual, physical and not to mention intellectual. Simply put a perfect 10. Congratulations friend! You deserve the best life has to offer.”

From the Libed Family to graduating student Brian Libed, (MSN):

“Congratulations our dearest brother! We are so proud of you! We love you!”

From Raymond Moreno to graduating student Brianna Moreno, (Social Work):

“Honey I’m so grateful proud of you! You’re an amazing daughter and I am blessed to be your dad!!”

From Brittany Santiago, graduating from Tisch School of the Arts, Cinema Studies:

“Here’s to four years come and gone! Graduating with a B.A in Cinema Studies with a double minor in producing and the Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology. So many great memories made and so sad we couldn’t end our time on campus all together, but congrats to everyone and here’s to the future!”

From Mary Huie to graduating student Brittany Santiago, (TISCH Cinema Studies):

“Brittany, we are all so happy, proud, and grateful for all the opportunities that came before you at New York University. Making such long lasting friendships and creating amazing memories along the way. Going to school in the greatest city in the world, you have grown so much, tried and accomplished so much. All your hard work being part of the Embassy at Carlyle, President of the Diversity Arts Festival, and Co-Head of the Fusion Film Festival. These leading roles in addition to graduating as an Honors Scholar as part of the Class of 2020!! Your dream and you did it! As the song goes, if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. Keep reaching for the stars. We love you, Mommy, Daddy, and Jamie”

From Alicia Taam to graduating student Brittany Taam, (Rory Meyers College of Nursing – Nursing):

“Congratulations Brittany! We are so proud of your accomplishments at NYU. You made it happen! Love, Mom, Dad, and Mitchell”Alicia_Taam-_Brittany_Taam_1_60.jpg (1814×1814)

From Caryn Wehr to graduating student Brooklyn Beamer, (School of Arts & Sciences/English Major-double minor German/History):

“Brooklyn- We are so proud of you and your achievements! Starting college at 16 and finishing strong under Covid-19 lockdown, you can tackle anything ahead of you! It has been a joy watching your journey, especially hearing the wonderful stories of your year abroad in London/Germany. I will always remember the weekend I came out to NYC with your mom and what an incredible tour guide you were- we experienced and saw so much in such a short time. It was magical-thank you. We are excited to see what the next chapter holds for you……set your goals high , follow your heart, be true to yourself and your dreams will come true. May God continue to watch over you and guide your next steps.

Many blessings and all our love,
Uncle Greg and Aunt Caryn”

From Christina Beamer to graduating student Brooklyn Beamer, (Arts & Sciences/Major English/ Double Miner History & German):

I can’t believe this day is already here! Time is moving way too fast. To tell you how proud of you I am would be such an understatement. You’re such an amazing young lady. So poised and confident, intelligent and absolutely beautiful inside and out! You never cease to amaze me with your zest for life and desire for knowledge. Your passion for the written word and the retention of all you read and see is astonishing! You speak so eloquently, I love our conversations because I learn so much through you. I’m so sorry your college years ended during this pandemic but I have been selfishly blessed with you home these last few months. You deserve much better, yet, have handled it all with such grace. Congratulations on your achievements. I’m excited to see what the future holds for you. You will shine in all you do, as you always have. I love you more than words can say, I adore you. All my love, Mom”

From Pete Beamer to graduating student Brooklyn Beamer, (College of Arts & Science / English):


It’s pretty tough for me to realize this day has come and as your father of just how proud and honored I truely am. Here you are graduating in 2020 from NYU with honors and you haven’t even turned 21 ….WOW!!! What you have accomplished has just been phenomenal …and the opportunities NYU has given you has been amazing. A year studying abroad in London and Berlin.
Seize the moment, reach for the edge of the heavens. You’ve been a part of us every moment of your young life. We were there to watch you, celebrate with you, encourage you and hold you. Now, we’ve seen the beautiful person you’ve grown to be and we slowly step into the gentle chapter of letting you go. We hold you close to our hearts and bless you with the encouragement you so deserve. Follow your dreams no matter what obstacle you face, be true to yourself to always respect and care for others. May you always surround yourself with family and friends and always remember that you are Loved. We Love you beyond belief. Love your Father”

From Sarah Moynier to graduating student Brooklyn Beamer, (English):

“CONGRATS to such a hardworking student who took advantage of all the college experience has to offer! So proud of you, Brooklyn! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for you next. Know that you have a strong and unconditional support system to back you up always! YOU DID IT!!!”

From Tyler Wehr to graduating student Brooklyn Beamer, (College of Arts and Sciences and English):

“Congratulations, Brooklyn! I am so proud of you for this accomplishment, and can’t wait to see what comes next for you. Although graduation looks a little different this year, it takes nothing away from this milestone in your life. Best life advice I can give you: always live your life a quarter mile at a time. You have all my love, cousin, and we’ll through an epic celebration for you once we are able! Congratulations!”

From Carla Conte to graduating student Brooklyn Beamer, (College of Arts & Sciences CAS Major: English Double Minor : History & German):

“Brooklyn, you are an amazing and wonderful young woman. We are so proud of all your achievements including graduation from NYU. You have had a charmed life and we are happy to be part of it. Love & blessings from Uncle John, Aunt Carla, cousin Jackson, and cousin Michelle Conte! Celebrate & enjoy your bright future!!🎉🎊🍾🥂💖”

From Connie Cramer to graduating student Brooklyn Beamer, (School of Arts & Sciences/English Major with double minor in History and German):

“Congratulations Brooklyn! I am so proud of you! I have always known you would be successful. You have worked so long and hard and have shown so much persistence and patience in getting to this day! A good education is so important! I love you so much and wish you a bright future. Love, Grandma Connie”

From Dylan, Sara, Malia Wehr to graduating student Brooklyn Beamer, (English/double minor German/history):

“Congratulations Brooklyn!!! If you can dream it, you can do it! We are so proud of you! You have had such an amazing college experience from living in New York , to studying abroad and the best is yet to come! We love you !!! Hats off to the class of 2020!!!! ”

From Chelsea Flores to graduating student Brooks Fassett, (CAS, Spanish major & CAMS minor):

“Congrats Brooks! I’m so lucky I had you by my side all 4 years :)”