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During the BLM movement that had mass participation in protests this past summer, images of police officers going in and out of NYU buildings have gone viral on social media. NYPD presence on campus has raised some questions among NYU students. (Staff Photo by Alexandra Chan)

The NYPD’s Increased Presence at NYU

By Mina Mohammadi, News Editor September 2, 2020

Students have noticed an increased prevalence in NYPD officers on campus and are using social media to question the relationship between the two institutions. Viral videos and photos on Instagram and...

The Edgar Starr Barney building on Washington Square houses NYU’s Steinhardt school. A Steinhardt professor has fallen under scrutiny for discriminatory language in her class syllabus against low-income students who may not be able to afford the supplies. (Photo by Mathilde Van Tulder)

Class Syllabus Features Discriminatory Language Against Low-Income Students

By Aarushi Sharma, Deputy News Editor August 31, 2020

Last Friday, CAS sophomore Ron Hall noticed discriminatory language in his syllabus for the American Sign Language II class taught by Steinhardt Professor Carmen King. “If you cannot afford the textbook...

This week, NYU TAs may stop teaching in protest. Sick-Out NYU released a list of demands for NYU administration to address in order to provide for students and workers.
(Photo by Jessica Francis)

Teaching Assistants Plan a ‘Sick-Out’ Strike

By Nick Mead, Deputy News Editor May 4, 2020

NYU Teaching Assistants plan to collectively take three consecutive sick days starting Wednesday, May 6 to demonstrate their essential role at the university and protest NYU’s lack of support for graduate...

Many universities have placed their campuses in NYC. College students from NYC schools recently spoke with local and state officials about various issues they currently face. (Staff Photo by Jake Capriotti)

Elected Officials Address NYC College Students’ Pandemic Concerns

By Emily Mason, News Editor May 4, 2020

New York Elected Representatives and New York City college students discussed issues facing college students in the age of COVID-19. Student representatives from Young Invincibles — an organization...

Palladium Residence Hall is located at 140 E. 14th Street. It is currently housing NYU students unable or choosing not to leave their dorms along with Gramercy Green and UHall. (Photo by Max Lerner)

One Student’s Perspective on Social Distancing in NYU Residence Halls

By Jessica Xu, Contributing Writer April 15, 2020

After some initial confusion, the few students still living in NYU residence halls are able to practice social distancing and continue their lives in the city amid the pandemic.  In an email on Monday,...

Students with Teens Take Charge gather for a meeting. Teens Take Charge is a student-led organization advocating for educational equity (Photo by Vanessa Handy)

Teens Demand Educational Justice

By Vanessa Handy, Social Media Editor March 9, 2020

Candid conversation created an unexpectedly intimate atmosphere in a small Rubin Residence Hall classroom on Thursday. For 90 minutes, the space was transformed into a forum where nearly 20 students gathered...

Paris is a popular study away site for students. With the recent coronavirus crisis, NYU Paris is preparing for a potential shut down.
 (Photo by Anna Letson)

NYU Paris Students Tense as Coronavirus Spreads to France

By Grace Symes , Contributing Writer March 9, 2020

Students at NYU Paris are unsure of their next steps as France becomes one of the epicenters of the coronavirus outbreak in Europe.  France has 19 reported deaths and 1,126 confirmed coronavirus cases...

Acclaimed author and journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates was featured in a panel hosted by CAS junior Sakshi Venkatraman. Coates touched on issues dealing with journalism in the current political climate. (Staff Photo by Alex Tran)

Ta-Nehisi Coates Talks Political Writing With Former WSN EIC

By Aarushi Sharma, Staff Writer March 6, 2020

NYU Journalism professor and bestselling author Ta-Nehisi Coates sat down with Washington Square News' former Editor-in-Chief Sakshi Venkatraman on Thursday to discuss Coates’ latest book — “The...

During the STEM 2020 summit, Speaker Dr. Yasmine Ndassa delivered the keynote address. She spoke on transferring her skills from molecular biophysics to business analytics and her personal journey as a woman in STEM. (Photo by Min Ji Kim)

STEM Women Seek to Inspire the Next Generation at NYU

By Min Ji Kim, Contributing Writer March 6, 2020

NYU Tandon School of Engineering’s Office of Student Affairs held its annual Women in STEM Summit on Thursday, March 5 in hopes of inspiring young women to pursue the fields of math, science and tech. The...

A distinct sign labels a Tandon building. Tandon was recently awarded for advancing women's participation in computer science industries. (Via NYU Tandon)

Tandon Receives Award for Increasing Women’s Role in Computing Fields

By Min Ji Kim, Contributing Writer February 28, 2020

NYU Tandon School of Engineering’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering received an award honoring the school for increasing women’s participation in computing education. The National...

NYU's Student Government Assembly reviewed relevant applicant data. The SGA met that day to hold a vote to make election day a university holiday. (Staff Photo by Nick Mead)

SGA Unanimously Passes Measure to Make Election Day a Holiday

By Nick Mead, Deputy News Editor February 28, 2020

NYU’s chapter of Generation Vote, an organization aiming to engage young voters in the political process, is working to make Election Day a university holiday at NYU. The Student Government Assembly...

Signs and banners covered the steps at the Kimmel Center. Students stand in solidarity to end Fascism in Hindu communities. (Photo by AJ Nickell)

Students Protest Hindutva Fascism at Kimmel

By Roshni Raj, Deputy News Editor February 14, 2020

“Jai, Jai, Jai, Jai, Jai Bhim!” The chants of around 50 NYU community members protesting Hindutva — an extremist Hindu nationalism movement often likened to fascism — rang loud and clear across...