A first look at a new concert by Tisch Dance students

Second Avenue Dance Company’s October concert will run Oct. 7-9 at the Jack Crystal Theater. Managing Editor Alexandra Chan brings you these photos from the dress rehearsal.


Alexandra Chan

(Staff Photo by Alexandra Chan)

Alexandra Chan, Managing Editor

Tisch Dance’s Second Avenue Dance Company will premiere its October concert this weekend. It will feature nine pieces, with guest choreographers Yin Yue and Dwight Roden each contributing a piece. Students participated in every aspect of the show’s creation, including choreography, performance, lighting, costumes, music and staging. 

WSN was permitted to photograph the dress rehearsal on Oct. 7 and wanted to provide a preview of the artistry that Tisch dance students bring to the stage. Below are galleries that feature each of the performances. Reserve your tickets here.

“Worlds and Mirrors” by guest choreographer Yin Yue opens the show with a staggering 21 performers. The stage glows like a rising sun as the dancers approach downstage to “Ancestors” by Huun Huur Tu.  

Ellie Reid takes the stage in “Finding the Balance,” a pair of red high heels awaiting her on the stage. A red spotlight illuminates the shoes alone, leaving the rest of the stage blue. Reid puts on the heels and the stage is bathed in red, which returns to a cool blue when the heels come off once more.

Sofia Gonzalez choreographed and participated in creating the music for “Harmonious Descent.” The piece’s music was, ironically, dissonant and anxiety-inducing. The lighting and the costumes were both dark, yet in person the piece is vibrant.

“Touch Returned,” choreographed by Tati Nuñez and performed by Nuñez and Isaiah Newby, is reminiscent of a classical pas de deux. Though relatively short, the duo’s long lines and beautiful extensions were impactful. 

Asmani Sanders’ piece “/kənˈtrōl/” begins with an excerpt from Beyoncé’s “Diva Homecoming Live” as five dancers clad in suits dominate the spotlight. As the stage and atmosphere both darken, the music changes three times. 

Two dancers for the next piece, “AFTER DJ KEPLER,” face each other and stand still downstage right before the house lights come down after intermission, which was truncated for the rehearsal. Demetris Charalambous choreographed, costumed, performed and helped select the music for this piece. 

Beni Gottesman and Maia Virgil choreographed, performed and costumed “when was the last time you saw my face?” set to “Bacteria” by Cavalier. Midway through, Gottesman and Virgil remove their surgical masks to reveal masks with clear windows. 

“detached.” is choreographed, performed and costumed by Keon Hughes. In the program, Hughes attached a definition of imposter syndrome: “Imposter syndrome involves a feeling of self-doubt that persists despite your experience and accomplishments. It is also described as feeling detached from reality.” The stage is covered with flashing spotlights as Hughes fills the whole theater with his charisma and control.

Guest choreographer Dwight Rhoden closes out the show with a whopping 23 performers in “Gutter Glitter (excerpt).” The program lists original costume and lighting designers, indicating that the performance is a modification of Rhoden’s work. Dancers seamlessly transition on and off the stage in an impressive display of coordination.

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