This weekend: NYU DJs to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the dance floor

This Friday at 10 p.m., NYU student DJs will turn Astor Place Hairstylists from a barber shop into a dance party.


Nicole Lin

(Illustration by Nicole Lin)

Lea Filidore, Staff Writer

This Friday night, the unassuming exterior of a classic New York barbershop will be teeming with fun beats and good vibes. Each DJ is sure to bring their own personal flair to their set and create a dance party worthy of love.

Astor Place Hairstylists is a historic East Village staple and, as of recently, one of New York City’s hottest clubs. Located on Broadway only a few minutes’ walk from Washington Square Park, this famed salon has been featured in magazines and on television since its opening in 1947. The underground storefront is iconic, and most NYU students have probably noticed it while walking around campus. But, few students know about the eccentric dance parties that happen in this nostalgic, art-covered barbershop.

Quincy Davis is a NYU sophomore studying recorded music. He is also the founder of the Astor Place DJ shows, and was interviewed by WSN last December for his part in the venue.

“I started DJing at a music camp in sixth grade,” Davis said. “ It was just because there was a talent show and I didn’t want to play piano. So I started DJing. I went up, and I played the worst dubstep of all time. Sixth grade! In front of a full, full auditorium of people.”

Davis has evolved past middle school talent shows and found his niche within the quirky and classic New York barbershop. He has worked to perfect his craft, taking careful consideration and effort to curate his sets.

“When I’m doing stuff at Astor Place, I know I want to do a lot of house music, so I just go from there,” Davis said, “I’m thinking of time, place and context. I’ve recently been listening to music I think sounds good next to each other, all within the preset categories.”

Davis has played three successful shows at Astor Place Hairstylists thus far, and it seems like many more are on the horizon. His next show, entitled “House of Love,” will be on Feb. 10. In his newest show, Davis will be joined by Astor newcomers Annabelle Kline and Del.

Yvonne Song, a sophomore at NYU studying collaborative arts, is a new addition to Davis’ lineup, but is no less impressive in her own right. Song is a decorated videographer, but she’s newer to the DJ scene. (Song has since dropped out of the Feb. 10 show.)

“I only got into it properly around last summer, as my friend brought me to a DJ studio to see her practice a set,” Song said. “At the same time, this other NYU frat guy sold his board to me for cheap, so I basically started off as a bedroom DJ!”

Song, in the year since she has been teaching herself how to mix, has played clubs with notable names like DJ Topgun. As a regular on stages at New York City night clubs, Song has curated and evolved her sound, landing at what she describes as “house tech and boiler room style.” She says she takes great inspiration from artists like RÜFÜS DU SOL, Southstar, James Hype and John Summit.

As her personal style has evolved, so has her intuition. Song spoke about the importance of catering to a crowd.

“You really have to freestyle on the spot because you have to read the crowd,” Song said. But ultimately, she “just wants to make everyone shake their asses.”

And who doesn’t love to get down to some great music?

In the months since Davis’ first show at the Hairstylists, the nontraditional venue has marked a new place for NYU students to create, collaborate and dance without inhibitions. “House of Love” will be no different. The show, which starts at 10 p.m., will host a vague but apt Valentine’s Day theme which is sure to paint the crowd in pink and red, so come dressed and ready to dance.

Davis, when talking about what Astor Place newcomers should know about “House of Love,” says, “It’s not a club. It’s a dance party. I feel like the difference is, at a club, the music is secondary. At this show, the music is always first.”

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