Sabrina Claudio’s ‘Truth Is’ Goes To Dark Places

The R&B singer solidifies her style and signals experimentation ahead with an unprecedentedly dark project.


Sabrina Claudio’s new album, “Truth Is” has a distinct tonal shift from her debut album. (via Atlantic Records)

Destine Manson, Staff Writer

Sabrina Claudio’s new album “Truth Is” paints a picture of true love, but its ambiguity makes it more Mona Lisa’s smile than lovers embracing. Romance has been the primary topic of the artist’s last two albums, but her latest project examines the darker connotations of love and the harmful effects it can have on the human psyche. It is apparent from this album that Claudio has solidified her smooth style, but it also hints at an upcoming shift in her approach to music.

Stand out songs on the album include “Me In Her” and previously released singles “Holding the Gun” and “On My Shoulders.” “Me in Her,” in particular, has a much more confrontational tone than most of Sabrina’s music, which makes it one of the most memorable tracks. “On My Shoulders” is a bitter, haunting cry of anguish as Claudio reflects on the unhealthy power dynamics of a relationship, with disturbing visual imagery in lyrics like, “If only I could slice my skin, try to align my fingerprints, I’d know exactly what it is you feel.” 

Claudio does not typically have many guest appearances on her albums, but “Truth Is” contains one exception in “Rumors,” featuring fellow artist ZAYN. The two musicians’ voices complement each other extremely well and I expect the track will be one of the most popular off the album. At the end of the tracklist is a bonus Spanish version of the title track, a nod to Claudio’s Puerto Rican and Cuban heritage. 

Although the album is low on stand-alone singles with high potential to grab the attention of new listeners (think “Belong to You” from 2017’s “About Time”) it will appeal to fans of Claudio by delivering some of her highest-quality songs in a single package. It’s clear from the lyrical content and style of several of the songs that Claudio is ready to take more risks as an artist and it wouldn’t be surprising if her next project is something completely different. As she continues to gain more momentum in the mainstream music world, these songs may be the last ones that reflect the sound she introduced to us on her first EP “Confidently Lost.”

“Truth Is” is a bittersweet culmination of the classic Claudio sound and style, yet it signals the advent of a darker, more experimental approach for the artist. As satisfying as this new project is in its own right, it also builds anticipation for what Claudio will do next.

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