Staff Recs: Best Songs to Blast at Parties

You aren’t partying right until you’ve heard the Arts Desk’s playlist.

Neil Diamond, singer of Sweet Caroline (via facebook).

If you’re worried about what to queue up at your next party, now you can stop fretting. The Arts Desk, otherwise known as WSN’s self-certified party animals, is here to give you spectacular music recommendations so that you can liven up the next rooftop party, birthday bash, banquet or newspaper staff party you’re at.

“Bailar” — Deorro

There are parties where you get together with a few friends, have a glass of wine or two and laugh about that one time you all did that really funny thing like a year ago. Since this is nobody’s typical weekend, “Bailar” may not be the song for you. In fact, I really only recommend “Bailar” to seasoned partygoers. You see, “Bailar” isn’t for the faint of heart. It may sound like an adult version of your 13th birthday jam, but that is far from the case, especially if you speak Spanish. The suspense is intense and persists throughout the song, but listeners are rewarded with a bass that really slaps and a chorus you can scream out in the middle of Meatpacking District with your friends on the way back from the disco. Careful not to panic, though. “Bailar” is short and sweet; you may just have to put it on repeat. — Claire

Sweet Caroline — Neil Diamond


“Sweet Caroline” has no singing; it’s more like spoken word than anything and everybody knows the lyrics. Even the atonal can chant or howl a rendition at any point in the night. If 30,000 inebriated Mets fans can deliver a convivial, emotionally intimate performance 81 times a year, 20 people packed without personal space into a St. Marks Place apartment should have no problem connecting over “Sweet Caroline.” Begin as strangers, and by the time you reach the “bum bum bum” in the chorus, you’ll have developed a bond that lasts a lifetime. It has all of the soul rousing comradery of a communist party anthem with none of the dark political fallout. “Sweet Caroline” has an uncanny power to bring crowds together; it halts all activity and obliges all within earshot to rock with arms around each other. On a side note, Diamond is a former NYU student. He dropped out and became unfathomably rich and famous. Food for thought. — Dante

“It Is What It Is” — Blood Orange

This is the perfect song to bring you down at the end of a long night, when you’re a little sleepy and still more than a little buzzed — effortlessly cool but with a twinge of sadness. The soundscape builds slowly, layer by delicate layer: start with a chill marimba, then add drums and hi-hat, then vocals from Blood Orange himself — aka Dev Hynes — then a luxuriant synth unfurls under the voice of featured vocalist Samantha Urbani. Submerging yourself in this laid-back, melancholy track, letting it wash over you — I can’t think of anything better than that. — Alex

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