‘Dollface’: An Unexpectedly Necessary and Hilarious Rollercoaster Ride

The Hulu original is a comedy we didn’t know we needed about female friendship.

Nyssa Joseph, Contributing Writer

“Dollface” is a show that audiences did not even know they needed. The Hulu original comedy about the bonds of female friendships and womanhood follows the journey of Jules (Kat Dennings), who tries to rekindle her friendship with her girlfriends after a breakup. Packaged as a hilarious and quirky romp, “Dollface” captures what no women asked for but somehow desperately needed; especially if they are anything like the main characters.

Following an unexpected breakup with her boyfriend of five years, Jules comes to realize that she has been neglecting her female friendships. With the help of a crazy cat lady who she hallucinated, Jules seeks to revive her relationships with her past best friends. However, this proves to be more difficult than she previously perceived, as her imagination runs rampant, and crazy journeys and secrets involving a fatal magic show, phallic party decorations and a lapsed vegan chef test her bonds. Jules continues to struggle with understanding the intricacies of female friendships, such as why women go to the bathroom together, and continuously widens the rift between herself and her friends.

“Dollface” ventures into the effects that romantic relationships have on female friendships and vice versa. Each episode stimulates the audience to think about their own female friendships and their understanding of those relationships as Jules stumbles her way towards a healthy relationship with each faux pas. As Jules’ imagination continues to run amok, the show utilizes different forms of metafictional cutaway gags within Jules’ mind to satirize common misconceptions and preconceptions. 

Each character represents a stereotype about women, though the show delves deeper than the smart girl, the popular girl and the artsy girl, showcasing instead the layers behind these women and why they are who they are. The show satirizes the stereotypical way that women are deemed to behave and encourages a new standard way of perceiving female friendships and womanhood.


However, the true magic of the show is not only in the witty writing but the exceptional cast. Kat Dennings continues to prove that she can be a queen in comedy as she takes on this new role as Jules; the chemistry between co-stars Brenda Song, Shay Mitchell and Esther Povitsky is undeniable. In addition to what seems like a never-ending list of recognizable stars, the show continues to exceed expectations of its ability to be a fresh and exhilarating joyride, blending genuine heart and imaginative storytelling as we venture in and out of Jules’ mind.

“Dollface” scratches a television itch that was unexpectedly needed. It’s the best show on female relationships out there right now, thoroughly enjoyable and relatable throughout.

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