To Langone by water: The ferry commute of NYU students and faculty

Members of the NYU Langone community share stories of their regular commutes across the East River.

Jen Lee, Xiyi Li, and Jordan Winick

It’s 6:30 in the morning at New York University’s ferry dock Manhattan stop. This stop is located at the east end of East 35th Street along the East River. And we’re waiting for the next ride to Brooklyn Army Terminal. NYU Ferry is a free ferry service open to all NYU students, staff and faculties. It starts at 5:29 every morning and lasts until 8 p.m. Most of the people who ride the ferry are NYU Langone students and professionals. The port has been hustling since the early morning, and we see people lining up at the dock. 

Elizabeth Sanchez: I live in the Upper East Side, so when I try to go by train, it takes over an hour because you have to go all the way down and around. I love the ferry because it saves me so much time. It’s very on time. It’s a shorter commute when you take the ferry, and I really like that they’re very dependable. 

Some ferry passengers prefer this route not only because of its convenience but also the amazing views along the East River. 

Rosemary Schluger: Usually I read the news. I like to do the crossword puzzle on the New York Times or read a little bit of the news. And if it’s very early, maybe take a nap. But it’s usually very pleasant, right? And you can have a look at the… Brooklyn and Manhattan. Sometimes I’ll even take a picture and post my relaxing trip to work. 

The feedback from the passengers was mostly positive. However, timing is the most upfront concern that people hope to see improvement on.

Schluger: I think the main, the one thing that people would like to see changed, I think, would be the timing, because say if it leaves Brooklyn on the half hour, I personally don’t have to clock in on the hour, but many people start work at like, let’s say 8 a.m. So it’s a bit of a rush to get to…Our people may have to go like a whole hour earlier. 

Nick Scott: Yeah, it does add an hour to your day, but it’s kind of nice like you get to kind of decompress after like a longer day in the hospital, come back home, you’re ready to like, keep studying when you’re back. 

We see passengers commuting via the boat between Manhattan and Brooklyn. This 30-minute ride gives them time to rest and get ready for a whole day of work, leaving them with beautiful, sunny moments on the river. Reporting for Washington Square news, Jen Lee.

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