NYU, Let Us Come Back to Work

We don’t want to strike, but we are. We don’t want to resign, but if changes aren’t made, we must.

Forty-three of our former colleagues resigned Monday, Sept. 28, over transphobic and racist rhetoric, poor work conditions and the Advisory Board’s failure to heed demands to make us a student-led newspaper independent in more than name. 

We didn’t resign — not because we disagree with our colleagues about reforming the workplace and protecting our former coworkers, but rather because we believe in staying on and fighting for those necessary changes.

Embedded below you will find a letter we sent to all listed faculty professors, department heads and distinguished writers in residence at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. We sent the letter Monday night; we received a reply from an Advisory Board member, but have yet to receive a reply from the chair of the journalism department regarding our requests.

This afternoon, we sent a response to the member of the Advisory Board, as well as to the director of the journalism department. We quote our demands:

We believe it would be beneficial for [the former managing editor and the two remaining desk editors] to meet with WSN’s current Advisory Board and the director of the journalism department to further discuss the remaining editors’ requests and our resigned coworkers’ demands.

“We would like to meet before Friday, if possible, and we would like to have tentatively scheduled that meeting by later tonight.

“Thank you very much for your patience.”

We have yet to receive a reply.

We have discontinued production until we have entered into further negotiations with the Advisory Board and the journalism department and created policies to ensure that WSN is a professional publication with a healthy work environment. Since we received a reply from one Advisory Board member regarding our requests, we are staying on at WSN until we’ve entered into further negotiations, or until the end of Friday. 

If we have not entered into further negotiations by the end of Friday, we will resign. While it is necessary for WSN to continue its coverage of NYU and New York City, we can only do so when WSN is rebuilt the right way.


Matthew Fischetti, News Editor

Trace Miller, News Editor