Collina Strada: F/W 2020


Maria Olloqui

(Photo by Maria Olloqui)

Maria Olloqui, Contributing Writer

Collina Strada’s Fall/Winter 2020 Collection at The Dance embodies designer Hillary Taymour’s sustainable vision. The brand, which was initially known for its unusually-shaped leather handbags, takes pride in its experiential and authentic looks — all encouraging self-expression through outerwear.

Taymour’s models ranged in age and size, with a toddler, an 80-year-old and a pregnant woman all sauntering in a sea of colors. The varying silhouettes walked down the catwalk in local, sustainable fabric, primarily made from custom-printed rose sylk and deadstock. Pieces were purchased at Kantamanto Market in Accra, Ghana, a location that has grown to be a dumping ground for fast fashion. The style statements were as down-to-earth as the fabric itself; hooded shelter jackets, garden dresses and draped sleeves were the focal points of the show. The timeless pieces kept the eye occupied and proved to be nowhere near basic. 

Looks were elevated by Allie Smith and Mad Hippie’s bold makeup. Bright eyeshadow defied makeup norms, showcasing youth, humor and fearless passion. Messy, bedhead hair — with traces of debris — also tied back to Taymour’s eco-conscious, activist roots. 

The brand’s signature fluidity paved the way for creative accessories. Flowerpots, water bottles and rakes all accompanied the models as they danced down the aisle. Upbeat music kept the audience’s energy high, and a final performance by Paramore’s Hayley Williams set the tone for a lighthearted Fall/Winter Collection. 

All set elements will be donated to Elizabeth Street Garden, and a tree will be planted for every show attendee. Collina Strada’s global mission is yet another reminder: it’s time to say goodbye to fast fashion.

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