Micro Memoir – Thoughts on the Hudson River Valley Aqueduct


Maxine Flasher-Duzgunes, Under the Arch Voices Editor

blue stone quarry 



on the icy gravel dike


these glacial acid lakes

upstate, pure

where fish die

lacking green


dusty white catskill


one bay window sunset

tunnel to December


walking backwards

rubbing two mitten shells

between blue palms

fading to parking lot


four thirty

washing up the rese-

voir enclave

foamy rainbow




chlorinated streaks

sky-lining volcanic

river valley

turning hell-fire gold


falcon circling

purple-grey cloud now

speckled escarpment

facing wind


chilly legs

pressing accelerator

away from bank

toward highway


clothes tousled

over and over

colors surfacing

by the rowboat w/o a permit


Micro Plastic pools

for bathing suit divers

twenty-twenty sailors

becoming painters


in twenty-twenty one


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