Niall Horan Matures With New Single ‘Nice To Meet Ya’

Former One Direction member Niall Horan recently released his seductive song “Nice To Meet Ya,” the first single release for his upcoming album.


Former One Direction member Niall Horan released a new single, “Nice to Meet Ya” on Oct. 4. (via Twitter)

By Claire Jones, Contributing Writer

Niall Horan teased his upcoming album by releasing the first single, “Nice To Meet Ya,” last week. A fresh sound for the artist, the song shows that the former One Direction member has left his boy-band pop roots behind in favor of a more rock-like sound. 

The song begins with just a piano and a simple beat, but Horan’s deep-voiced lead-in turns the mood seductive. The second verse brings in an electric guitar and a more upbeat tone, blurring the line between romantic rhythm and energetic rock. 

The song tells the story about Horan’s desire to be with the girl who always leaves the morning after the two are together. He suggests he wants more, even going as far as saying he’d tattoo her number on his arm, but the girl continues to leave. 

While the beats and tone of the song are pleasant and unlike anything else Horan has released as a solo artist, the lyrics are repetitive. His first verse is exactly the same as his third, making the song feel like a loop. As a representation of the cycle that Horan goes through with the girl, it somewhat makes sense, but more imaginative lyricism would have done worlds for the song.

The song contains the classic elements of a pop song — upbeat and repetitive, with a tendency to get stuck in your head. Yet the rock undertones and deep vocals allow it to stand out against other recent hits. 

The lyrics aren’t that clever or original, but the song itself is fun enough to listen to. It leaves a decent feeling of optimism for Horan’s upcoming album and cements a new style for the artist.

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