W is for Wardrobe

[more widely known as a metaphorical and (sometimes) literal closet]

W is for Wardrobe

Anna-Dmitry Muratova, Senior Reporter

A dark place where it’s prohibited to wear eyeshadow if you’re born with a penis or not shave your legs if you own a vagina (even if you wish you didn’t). If your wardrobe happens to be situated in a country where stepping out of it means bodily harm and death, it can protect you by limiting your happiness and making you the most miserable version of yourself (or not yourself altogether). 

Stepping out of the wardrobe must be an informed decision you make on your own. Being pushed out of the closet is called outing and should be treated as reckless endangerment.

Side effects of getting out involve: tripping over, slipping and taking a few attempts before you find yourself stable on your feet or in a wheelchair, if you are a mobility aid user, partial or total (although temporary!) blindness from all the bling. 

Is surviving worth suffering the side effects? Heck, yes, it is.

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