P is for Please! (!)


P is for Please! (!)

Anna-Dmitry Muratova, Senior Reporter

“Using correct pronouns for queer youth is suicide prevention.” 41 percent of transgender people in the U.S. attempt suicide. Use correct pronouns. Please! 

When I hear “41 percent,” I lose the strength to demand and advocate. I beg you. Please! Do what you can to stop them from seeing their lives as worthless or unbearable. Please! Stop my friends from hating themselves. Please! Stop me from keeping my mouth shut and sealed. Please! 

I beg you on my knees because sometimes it’s where I find myself. Because sometimes I can’t get up and other times I almost don’t want to (then I end up on my feet again, who knows with what force).

Please! Save them because you can. Please, allies (A-word), please!

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