I is for I don’t (f-cking) know

The letter “I”… Part I.

I is for I don’t (f-cking) know

Anna-Dmitry Muratova, Senior Reporter

[I don’t f-cking know! because today I got misgendered a billion and eighty-three times or so it seems, and I am tired, and I don’t know, and non-binary people shouldn’t always explain themselves because we are people and we have the right to just exist and float around and be our most boring selves; please, can

we      (sometimes!)      be      our      most      boring       selves       instead       of

self-advocates-activists-noisy-loud-annoying-redundant-allies-to-ourselves for a day; just for a day, and I will have more to say about the “I” and every other letter of the alphabet, too; I don’t know because all the questions I get asked don’t need an answer from me or you or both of us, because there’s Google, but on a different day I would gladly answer, I swear]

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