D is for D-ck

[the organ known as “penis,” not the name Richard]

D is for D-ck

Anna-Dmitry Muratova, Senior Reporter

A d-ck is something not all women have. It also isn’t something all men have. That’s a pretty simple one. Not everyone has a d-ck. Whether you have one or you don’t doesn’t make you a man or a woman. Men can have d-cks and women can have d-cks. Men can be d-ckless and so can women. Non-binary people can find themselves in posession of one as well. Sometimes people experience dysphoria because they have a d-ck. Sometimes they experience it because they don’t. Dysphoria. Another “d” word. Dysphoria is such a d-ck.

To sum it up, having a d-ck doesn’t prove or show much.

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