Statement From Washington Square News

I would like to apologize for a story published on March 5, 2019, that has now been removed from our website, titled “Women’s March Co-Chair to Speak at Skirball Despite Allegations of Anti-Semitism.” More specifically, I’d like to apologize for misrepresenting Linda Sarsour and anyone else who was affected by the article and its contents. The story was written with a clear bias and the fact that only one student was quoted shows that it was not representative of the views of the entire NYU community. The story’s publication was a case of editors not thoroughly checking the context of a story before publication. The emphasis we placed on the allegations of anti-Semitism against Sarsour and ignorance of the work she has done since was sensationalist and wrong. Comparing the potential controversy of Sarsour’s appearance on campus to those of Milo Yiannopoulos and Gavin McInnes was clearly a reach — and disrespectful. We also should have quoted more students on their thoughts on Sarsour’s visit. As one of the editors on this piece, I take responsibility for the errors. I didn’t do my research. I didn’t scrutinize the reporting. I didn’t do my job as editor of this piece and of this newspaper. I encourage anyone who has disagreements with any WSN article to submit a letter to the editor by emailing [email protected]. If you aren’t comfortable with putting your name out there but still have something to say, email me at [email protected].

— Sakshi Venkatraman, Editor-in-Chief