NYU Student Missing, Last Seen in Brooklyn


Mansee Khurana, Deputy News Editor

Update Feb. 28: According to Senior Vice President for Student Affairs Marc Wais, Pal was found this Thursday and is safe.

CAS senior Nyamal Pal was last seen leaving a courthouse without her personal belongings in Brooklyn on Friday. Since then, her picture has been shared through social media by her friends and many other students in hopes that she will be located.

Amanda Bonfante, Pal’s close friend and a current student at Skidmore College, first posted about her friend’s disappearance on Facebook.

“The waiting game isn’t fun when you know your friend is missing and doesn’t have her phone, ID, or money with her,”  Bonfante said to WSN. “I’ve known Nyamal for eight years, and she would never leave like that with no warning. I’m not sure what people can do besides be aware. Keep a lookout in case you see her on the streets.”

NYPD detective and spokesperson George Tsourovakas said that Pal’s missing persons case is currently under investigation.

“There was indeed a missing persons case filed, and we are actively investigating it as a missing persons case, with no indication of foul play involved,” Tsourovaks said. “If anyone has any information about this case, they should call the Crimestopper Hotline.”

Bonfante, who last spoke to Pal on Thursday afternoon, stressed how important it is to continue sharing the poster which has a description of Pal and the clothes she was in when she went missing, as well as a photo.

“I really just hope someone runs into her [and] recognizes her face,” Bonfante said. “So the more people know the better.”

CAS senior Scott Cosgun, a friend of Pal’s, echoed this sentiment.

“I have personally texted Nyamal, I shared the missing person poster on social media and encouraged others to do the same,” Cosgun said. “And I think that readers should do the same to increase awareness so that she is found sooner.”

Update Feb. 28: This article was updated to include new information from the NYPD. As of Feb. 27, the NYPD confirmed that Pal was last seen in Brooklyn, not Queens. The headline has also been updated to reflect this change.

If you have any information about this case, please call 1-800-577-TIPS immediately.

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