Goodwill Takes Chelsea With New Pop-up

Kia Marie and Goodwill promote sustainability in style at a Chelsea pop-up.

Goodwill and Google's new Chelsea pop-up store in Chelsea that is promoting sustainable fashion. (Photo by Hanna McNeila)

Goodwill ordinarily conjures images of a sterile, warehouse-like space with minimal attention to current trends. But influencer Kia Marie, who has over 90,000 followers on Instagram, recently collaborated with Goodwill to create a pop-up at Chelsea Market that continues to promote the store’s message of sustainability while also serving as an auspicious antithesis to their typical stores.

Despite NYU students’ affinity for thrift and consignment stores, Goodwill isn’t exactly the go-to, due to its more eclectic and chaotic nature.

But where there’s an influencer collaboration, there’s a rebranding. Marie and her trusted stylists have searched on behalf of the shoppers and personally selected all of the pieces on display. As a result, the store consists of a few carefully curated racks of trendy clothing ready to be re-worn and re-loved.

Unlike traditional Goodwills, the store’s aesthetic resembled an upscale, designer pop-up. The radical change is not reflected in the prices, however, as the pieces are all still affordable.


Floral displays — the first thing that visitors see — capture the essence of spring. Three mannequins occupy the center of the room, dressed in floral patterns on a rug surrounded by vases of flowers.

The large space consisted of a few racks spread around the room, making it easy to walk around without the pushing and squeezing that is characteristic of the most popular vintage stores. In classic Goodwill style, all of the racks were organized by color, adding to the convenient and aesthetically dynamic shopping experience.

The store seemed to take a more sophisticated approach to young fashion that might also appeal to older fashion-forward consumers. The racks were adorned with blazers and corduroy. A few of the more notable pieces included a faux-fur-lined patent winter jacket, beige trench coats and pants galore, including True Religion jeans and silk black trouser pants. Red plaid played a big role in the selection and appeared in the form of miniskirts and spring jackets, as well as Chanel-inspired tweed blazers.

Shoppers praised the store and begged the shopkeepers to reveal the site of their next pop-up location as they spilled their pile of clothes onto the counter, reveling in the success of Goodwill’s latest initiative. With the help of social media and style experts, Goodwill has conquered Chelsea, helping young people fill closets instead of landfills.

The “Curated by Goodwill” pop-up shop is open until Feb. 27.

A version of this article appears in the Monday, Feb. 25, 2019, print edition. Email Hanna McNeila at [email protected]



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