Change up Your Workout at These Affordable Places Near Campus

Don’t sweat over getting the most bang for your buck at a workout.

Taylor Jeffries, Staff Writer

Keep running into people you know at the NYU gyms? There’s a solution. Around campus, there are cost-effective workout spots that can provide the same results without the awkward interactions. Here’s a list of some affordable places to try:

The Shala Yoga House
816 Broadway, Suite 1, between 11th and 12th Streets
This yoga studio offers classes mainly in ashtanga yoga for core strength and toning, vinyasa yoga — a moving meditation where one coordinates movements with breath to flow in each pose — meditation, pranayama for controlling breathing and asana to improve flexibility, strength and balance physically and mentally.

“The Shala was a great way to expand my practice because it is instructed by really traditional and knowledgeable instructors and got me interested in ashtanga-style yoga,” GLS sophomore Carden Pressly said. “I would recommend it to people that are looking for a more spiritual and traditional yoga practice and those who want to build strength.”

At the Shala Yoga House, teachers, school staff, veterans, seniors and full-time students are eligible for a discount on classes.


“I would really recommend it because the instructors are very good, the yoga mats are very good quality, and the student discount makes the classes cheaper than what other yoga studios charge,” CAS sophomore Selin Avcilar said.

Planet Fitness
22 E. 14th St.
With locations across North America, this fitness center is top-ranked in customer service among fitness clubs. The Classic membership is the basic plan: spend $10, get tons. For $10 per month (plus taxes and fees) and receive unlimited access to home club, free fitness training and free Wi-Fi.

CAS sophomore Malcolm Norman enjoys how cheap membership signup and monthly costs are at Planet Fitness compared to other gyms.

“I find the gym to have a welcoming, comfortable environment as well,” Norman said. “However, my only issue with the gym is that there is a lack of equipment compared to the other gyms that I’ve been to.”

Yoga to the People
12 St. Marks Pl.
All classes have a suggested $10 donation that supports the yoga community, but the studio doesn’t stress this. Maybe give $5 to avoid bad karma. This location exclusively offers power vinyasa flow yoga classes that focus on linking body, breath and movement.

The atmosphere is welcoming and supportive but the poses are very basic, so I don’t go often since I don’t feel as challenged,” Pressley said. “However, if you’re a beginner and looking for an extremely cheap yoga place then this place is great.”

Crunch Fitness
113 Fourth Ave. and 2 Cooper Square
Crunch Fitness stands out for its free trial offer: potential members can apply for a one-day pass to try the facilities. Classes usually range from 45 to 95 minutes depending on the type of workout class. The cheapest membership fee offered is $90 per month at Bowery and $95 per month at Union Square. The membership includes the following: workout essentials, group fitness classes, online class reservations, ritual products, full-service locker rooms, free WI-FI, Crunch live video workouts and access to that selected club.

“I really like Crunch because it allows me to take unlimited classes with the monthly subscription,” CAS first-year Regina Fumero Baharet said. “I would recommend it, especially if you are into a more guided fitness routine. The main reason why I chose a gym outside of NYU is that by myself I do not know what to do at the gym, therefore to be able to work out correctly I need an instructor.”

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