Dominique Ansel Bakery: Do We Throw Away Its Shot?

I really only got it for the aesthetic.

Dominique Ansel's cookie shots. (via Instagram)

From its blossoming hot chocolate to its gingerbread pinecone, the sweet pastry options at Dominique Ansel Bakery are picture perfect. But does the taste live up to its hype?

Dominique Ansel is a SoHo bakery that offers aesthetically pleasing pastries. One of its more famous pastries is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot, which is a chocolate chip cookie in the shape of a shot glass filled with cold Tahitian vanilla milk. These non-alcoholic shots are only sold after 3 p.m., but a pre-packaged option is available for those who can’t make the happy hour and want to do shots earlier in the day. But unlike a typical shot, this one is best served freshly baked.

The bakery bustled with people enticed by the bakery’s picture-perfect desserts. Every time I have been inside, the place has been filled with tourists. At least a dozen or so people were waiting in line to order and most of the tables filled. However, the employees have adjusted well to handling crowds so the wait wasn’t as bad as it looked.

When I finally got around to trying the Cookie Shot, I was excited. The reviews written online put this shot up on a pedestal — one that was soon tipped over. I took my first few sips of the milk and had my first bite. Disappointment quickly dawned. By no means was it terrible, but it wasn’t amazing either.


The interior of the chocolate chip cookie shot glass mold is coated with chocolate to ensure maximum milk security and that the cookie itself doesn’t become soggy and break. The combination of the sweet milk, chocolate and cookie overpowered my taste buds. Despite its measly size, in the end, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to finish eating it.

Halfway through my tasting, I started having flashbacks of binging on chewy Chips Ahoy cookies back home. They tasted the same. When it comes to the cookie shot, you’re paying for the shape and look more than anything. The amount of cookie you actually eat is probably equivalent to a single Chips Ahoy.

For $4.25 a pop, it’s not the most expensive dessert option out there, but instead opt for some cookies and milk from Insomnia. Or maybe even just get a whole pack of Chips Ahoy and a tall glass of milk. That way, you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck.

But if you do end up buying into the gimmick, get it fresh and take some pictures, as the aesthetic is much better than the taste.

My final verdict? It’s worth a shot, but only one.

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